Thursday, February 05, 2009

PNG's pastor Kingal to baptize 13 foreigners

Two conference leaders helping this girl who was annointed by Pastor Kingal's prayer
Pastor Kingal praying with worshipers
Pastor Kingal praying for this woman

Pastor Kingal prays with the power of the Holy Spirit and the resultt is this......

You see this woman sitting in front? She was touched by the power of the Holy Ghost when pastor Kingal prayed upon her.

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing

Pastor Joseph Kingal from Papua New Guinea will baptize a total of thirteen foreigners in Beijing, China on Friday 6th Feb, 2009.

According to the list of candidates for baptism, the candidates include students and workers in China.

On Thursday Feb 5th, Pastor Kingal conducted a baptism class with the candidates in preparation for baptism.

Ps. Kingal from Joseph Kingal Evangelistic Ministries based in Lae, Papua New Guinea is currently attending an International Students Christian Winter Conference in Beijing which started on Wed 4th and ends Friday 6th.

The conference titled “Living the Power of Love” based on the scripture “Colossians 3:14” attracted more then 278 foreign students and workers in China who come from over 40 countries and live in China now.

In the last two days (Wed 4th and Thu 5th) of the conference, Pastor Kingal ministered on how one can “live in the power of love’ which touched many people.

A sister from Tanzania shared her testimony Feb Thursday 5th in front of the worshipers that she was moved by the power of Pastor Kingal’s ministry.

“I have been keeping records for 19 months in my mind,” she referred to bad feelings against others.

“Before yesterday (Tue 3rd) it kept me not to sleep last night (Wed 4th). I could not read. When I read, I found somebody who wronged me in the reading.”

“From yesterday (Wed 3rd), I received the Holy Spirit. I put my wrong in the rubbish bin and will not go back.”

“Last night (Wed 4th Feb) I slept well as the result,” the Tanzanian sister in China confessed after Pastor Kingal ministered the previous day (Wed 4th Feb) on the importance of forgiveness and loving others to make way for the Holy Ghost to take reign.

Pastor Kingal emphasized the importance of forgiving others sins and loving others to make way for the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts so that they can enjoy closeness with God.

Note. The writer is currently attending this conference and will update this blog. For those in Papua New Guinea can tune into Wantok Radio Light for updates. An overall summary of the conference will be published on Sunday Chronicle Sunday Feb 8th, 2009 and Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

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Very good news indeed for a PNG preacher. Years ago, missionaries came from the west. Today, PNG can produce missionaries.