Thursday, February 05, 2009

Gospel in action is vital: Pastor Kingal

Pastor Kingal preaching to international students in Beijing. Beside him is Noel from Gabon who was Pastor Kingals' interpreter from English to French. Pic courtesy by Mathew Yakai

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing

Christians must learn to Love and forgive others who sinned against them, Pastor Joseph Kingal said Wednesday Feb 4th, 2009 in Beijing, China.

Pastor Kingal emphasized that practical Gospel which is vital in every Christians is missing today in Churches and questions how Christians can walk in the world.

He was speaking to students and foreigners in China at an International Students Christian Winter Conference where he was invited to speak in the main evangelistic night from Wednesday Feb 4th through Friday 6th Feb 2009.

Pastor Kingal said as Christians, one must learn to forgive others sins and love them, considering that one of the major problem today is to forgive others.

He mentioned three kinds of love, including parental love, Godly love and sexual love and emphasized that God’s love is unconditional and that’s why he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

“Love of God is the most powerful force in the world today, but that is failing today”, he said.

Forgiveness is the prerequisite for love to exist, and that must be fulfilled.

He said fate is based on action and action must emanate from love which will only take place in a heart of a person when he forgives others.

Pastor Kingal said many churches in the world today are empty, Christian’s gossip among themselves and families and friends break away because there is no love and forgiveness.

After the preaching, many foreigners who attended the conference appeared before pastor Kingal for healing prayer.

A total of 13 students from different countries have given their names to baptize on Friday Feb 6th, 2007.

Note. The writer is currently attending this conference and will update this blog. For those in Papua New Guinea can tune into Wantok Radio Light for updates. An overall summary of the conference will be published on Sunday Chronicle Sunday Feb 8th, 2009 and Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

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