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Kingal Evangelistic Ministry moved Beijing

Ps. Kingal praying to attendants in Beijing conference.

Pastor Kingal and his French interpreter Noel. Ps. Kingal is ministering on the topic, “Living the Power of Love” in Beijing.

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing, China

“I have been to 15 countries ministering the Gospel of God but my experience in China is amazing.”

“I am so moved by the hunger the young people have for God. They just want to be in the presence of God for ever and that really moves me.”

This is the edited quote the Papua New Guinean Evangelist Pastor Joseph Kingal expressed on the way to his hotel room in Beijing after the baptism ceremony Friday 6th.

Pastor Kingal even expressed his emotion after baptizing 12 foreign students studying in China.

“Mathew, I have ministered around the world, in 15 different countries but my experience in China is amazing.”

“In those countries apart from PNG, I have never baptized people. China is amazing.”

“I baptized four foreign students in Shengyang, China in 2007 Conference.”

Pastor Kingal though that was amazing and the highest. But on Friday 6th Feb, 2009, he baptized 12 foreign students.

“This is a perfect number of God’s disciples. This is the highest number ever baptized since I moved around the world ministering.” The humble, yet moving pastor revealed.

This is happening in China, the country which has been condemned by countries and leaders in the world for its human right abuse and freedom of religion.

This scribe was moved by the atmosphere of the baptism. The Feb Friday 6th baptism did not take place in a church witnessed by parents and loved ones.

The baptism did not take place in a big swimming pool watched by people.

The baptism did not take place in a flowing river or sea as John the Baptism did.

Pastor Kingal did his moving, yet the spiritually filled baptism in a humble Five Star Hotel in the heart of Beijing.

The time was 1:30 pm, Friday Feb 6th and business was as usual. A luxurious room on the 12th floor was booked for that day and reason that only God knew.

The bus driver who drove us to the hotel did not know that either.

The 12 foreigners, all students studying in China, who left their loved ones and parents, came to the “Middle Kingdom’, for an education but also God.

In this 12th floor room, this scribe could feel the power of Holy Spirit. Sometimes, he felt the opportunity of being close with Ps. Kingal when he saved the 12 students through baptism.

History happened to these 4 young ladies and 8 gentlemen in the rest room.

We filled the shower basin to the rim and Ps. Kingal submerged their entire body under the tab, and rest was miracle.

The bible says, it does not matter where one worships God, either in Church or in a bush. God is always there.

Friday Feb 6th is the day this scribe will not forget because the power of the Holy Spirit was in the humble hotel room when Ps. Kingal performed baptism.

Everyone were moved, touched so much in their heart, overwhelmed with joy when they feel the power of Holy Spirit.

When I saw the power of Holy Spirit taking its right position, I praised in my heart that God exists in PNG as in China, in a Nigerian, as in an Indian.

God is for all human races and He loves all mankind. To my humble heart I whispered, “That’s the holiness and humbleness of God, who sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us, including these 12 newly baptized foreigners.”

If one day they give their testimony before their congregation, that will be moving and people will be blessed.

Because, theirs’ is from their hurt. They have been longing and waiting for that. And God answered on that day that Ps. Kingal will fly all the way from PNG to deliver the Word of God.

Ps. Kingal from Joseph Kingal Evangelistic Ministries based in Lae was invited by the International Students Christian to speak on the theme, “Living the Power of Love.”

He came prepared, delivered and more then 270 foreign students and workers in China from over 40 nationalities were moved by the power of Holy Spirit.

The 12 were saved by the grace of God through baptism.

One female student from India said, “I’ve never known God and don’t know anything about God and Christianity but the ministry moved me so I must be saved.”

Many had their own testimony because God rescued them from the evils of this world.

When Ps. Kingal left Lae for China through Hong Kong and arrived on Monday Feb 2nd for the conference, I could not hold back this opportunity.

To me, it was a God sent messenger to deliver a message from Heaven and PNG. It took Pastor Kingal approximately 6 hours by flight but it took me 11 hours by train and bus.

It was a painful or me because I had to stand on the train from Changchun to Shengyang for four hours as there were no seats available.

I packed my travelling bag with few clothes, my hand bag with laptop, note book, bible and aimed to meet Ps. Kingal for the message God wants him to deliver to all foreigners in China.

Four hours train ride from Changchun to Shengyang was painful but I was reminded of how painful it was during those days when my grandfathers climbed the mountains, crossed the rivers, stood the natural disasters to either spread or receive the Gospel of God.

My experience was painful but the rewarding is “sweet”.

I arrived in Shengyang, took a good rest at a hotel and on Tuesday 3rd Feb, joined the Shengyang Fellowship Group on their hired bus to Beijing.

We travelled the plains of China heading towards down south to Beijing which took us 7 hours.

In Beijing from Feb 4th to Feb 6th, we met up with foreigners living all over China, and fellowshipped in the midst of Holy Spirit.

We all left back in our country of origin church politics, hatred and gossips, and in Beijing, we met as brothers and sisters, with one heart and mind fully submerged ourselves in the power of His Highness.

Ps. Kingal took the main evening ministry and ministered to us how we could live with and in the “power of love”.

We were challenged because how can one pray and love his friend or neighbor who gossips and hates him.

But Ps. Kingal assured us that for God loved the world, He sent his son who died on the Cross for our sins and there are ways to live in the power of love.

Ps. Kingal’s message on the theme, “Living the Power of Love” was powerful that resurrected the lives of people who attended the conference.

Ps. Kingal shared that love records no wrong doings. “Even if a close friend in the church has done wrong to you when you do not expect, how will you act in this situation?”

He challenged the attendants.

The word came so strong that it revived and set a new dimension in the lives of the people.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit was intensified during those three days conference.

Many were transformed, saved, reconciled and even demons literally manifested and casted out.

Many people were drunk in the Holy Spirit that they even do not want to get out of the conference room.

The ear had never heard and the eye had never seen is being heard and seen in this conference in a mighty way.

People came to testify that Lord has great things in their lives that they had never seen before.

Finally, the long tiring four hours trip from Changchun to Shengyang by train and seven hours bus trip from Shengyang to Beijing was worth.

After the conference, the attendants did not want to leave the hall. They want to hear more and be in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The African gong beats were pumping at the back ground, the base guitar was puffing the bars, the rhythm of keyboard was superb, the electric guitar electrified the African traditional chorus nicely sang by beautiful African girls, all praise to the God above.

Finally, a conference must come to an end. We cuddled each other, exchanged email address, mobile numbers and promised to met again, if not on earth then in Heaven

I was blessed, as others. I also had the chance to have conversation with Ps. Kingal, the great man of God with a visionary ministry to rescue PNG from the rubbles and debris of social disorder.

We all can not be like Ps. Kingal to minister the Gospel. But his Joseph Kingal Ministries is able to win souls that can live for God.

“We bring our nets and borrow the boats of the churches and go out fishing together. We gather the wounded (souls) on the streets and bring them to the Inn keepers (pastors) to nurse them. We catch the fish (souls) and give them to the pond keepers (pastors)”, Ps Kingal said.

What amazes me is that Ps. Kingal ministered to 40 nations in this single Beijing Conference and baptized 12 souls.

The PNG students who attended the Conference have been blessed and we pray that he continue with his divine role where more Papua New Guineans can be saved like we are in Beijing.

While writing this article, I am reminded that today Sat 8th Ps. Kingal will walk the Great Wall of China, courtesy of PNG Beijing Embassy.

Note: More articles on the conference and personal experience of the writer are forth coming. The writer is a PNG student in China. E-mail:


Anonymous said...


I was reading thru the article about our Pastor Joseph Kingal and I was really bless.


Mectil Geibob
Goodmand Fileder PNG.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro Mathew

You have a great forum to keep all of us dated not only on Evangelist Kingal's ministry to the great China but also life in China generally and how PNG students are doing in China.

I have been blessed to read this blog recently. Joseph and I are cousins and I being a foundation member of the ministry back in our youths studying at Unitech during early 90s it is a blessing in profound measures to witness what God is doing to the ministry. I give glory to God as I always do when reading your blog on this ministry.

I encourage you to one day do something for God using your profession, whether it is in Magazines, books internet blogs.

Best regards and God bless

P Kei

Cairns, Qld Australia.