Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I met Pastor Kingal in Beijing.

Ps. Kingal and I in Beijing International Students Conference. Indeed, this is a Golden Hang-shake and it means a lot to me. Ps. Kingal in PNG shirt looks attractive, not only in the eyes of Christains but others. He represents both PNG and Heaven.
Ps. Kingal and PNG student to China, Albert Tobby. Albert has heavily involved in the Beijing Conference to make it a successsful event. We were all blessed. I should also thank Albert for his orientation during our visit to Great Wall in Beijing. God bless you, bro Albert!

African students in China with Ps. Kingal posing for picture during the Beijing conference.
Note: I took a 12 hours train ride from Beijing to my city Changchun. So tired but yet awake when Ps. Kingal called from Beijing while waiting for his departure to Papua New Guinea via Hong Kong Tuesday 10th at midday. He has been a blessing to most of us in China. He also took his time to send me an e-mail which I think will be of a blessing to you. Mathew Yakai.

From Kingal Ministries‏
Joseph Kingal (kingal34@gmail.com)
Mon 2/09/09 7:44 PM
Mathew Yakai (m_yakai@hotmail.com)

It was great meeting a true PNGuinean like yourself. I know in my heart that God is preparing you for a great calling in life so have big unlimited vision as there will be unlimited provision. Consider me as one of your spiritual advisers in life and career. Feel free to bother me anytime for advise and spiritual input as you take this journey of life in God.

Albert and I made a courtesy call on Ambassador Momis today at 10m. We discused a variety of issues afffecting our great nation such as politics, education,agriculture, christianity, business and many more. It was really good and we closed with a word of prayer.

I am flying home at 8am tomorrow so see you soon in PNG. I also visited Tiangin Medical University and preached there last night and many things happened.

God bless


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