Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I forgive those who wronged against me: Testimony

A sister from Tanzania shared her testimony Feb Thursday 5th in front of the attendants that she was moved by the power of Pastor Kingal’s ministry.
“I have been keeping records (bad things) for 19 months in my mind,” she referred to bad feelings against others.“Before yesterday (Tue 3rd) it kept me not to sleep last night (Wed 4th).
I could not read. When I read, I found somebody who wronged me in the reading.”“From yesterday (Wed 3rd), I received the Holy Spirit. I put my wrong in the rubbish bin and will not go back.”
“Last night (Wed 4th Feb) I slept well as the result,” the Tanzanian sister in China confessed after Pastor Kingal ministered the previous day (Wed 4th Feb) on the importance of forgiveness and loving others to make way for the Holy Ghost to take reign.
Pastor Kingal emphasized the importance of forgiving others sins and loving others to make way for the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts so that they can enjoy closeness with God.

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