Wednesday, February 25, 2009

China is a good friend of Fiji: Bainimarama

Caption: Commodore Bainimarama is accused of standing in the way of holding fair elections. (Reuters: Tim Wimborne)

By Mathew Yakai

Samoa is backing Australia and New Zealand, pressuring Fiji to return to Parliamentary Democracy.

But like New Zealand and Australia, Samoa does not know the real cause of Fiji’s problem.

Unless the underlying problem is solved, Fiji will still face the same in the future.

Bainimarama knows that and he is right. He should not give in because Fiji’s future is very important.

Tonga and other Pacific Island countries know that Fiji must fix its underlying problem first. They are supportive of Bainimarama and willing to give a hand. That’s Melanesian way, but that’s where wisdom comes in.

New Zealand and Australia are using democracy as a tool to interfere in Fiji’s domestic politics.

They do not see the reason why Bainimarama staged the coup. Even, that’s not the first. They should question why blood less coup has been ongoing in Fiji?

If New Zealand and Australia are genuine friends then they must help answer the question to help Fiji.

Fiji has a big leverage to down play any pressure from Pacific Island countries including Australia and New Zealand.

First, Fiji play hosts to the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus. All Pacific Island countries send their students there except Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

All island member countries are financial contributors, but Fiji provides the land and facilities. Second, Fiji houses the Forum Secretariat and other important regional and International Organizations.

Fiji can lose in some sense but has upper hand to bargain.

Recent visit by the high delegation to Fiji from China led by Xi Jinping, Vice President of People’s Republic of China marks an important trend.

Fiji can completely cut off from Australia and New Zealand, focusing its relationship with Great China.

In his speech, Bainimarama spells out a tune that China is a friend to Fiji and that must stay.

Read more on Bainimarama’s speech on this site.

This is an important trend in the political atmosphere in the Pacific and islanders must pay close attention.Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama said that the visit allowed both Governments to reflect on the strength and the deepening of the bilateral relations.He described the stopover as a gesture of true and genuine friendship between the two countries.

States are major players in the international system given the anarchic world order. Thus, Bainimarama has the right to decide the future of his people, as long as Fiji Islanders are happy.

We can only wish the beautiful and romantic Bula Land a prosperous future.

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Gene Drekeke Iyovo said...

This is a fine analysis.

Fiji is showing us the way to decide things..many things for the good of common people, their future and future generation.
I think Frank is using his brains to down play politics for his people's goodness.