Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More pictures and articles coming

In this picture is Ps. Kingal using a spoon to eat. He tried chop stick but could not succeed. Ps. Kingal could not pick up a grain of rice using the chop stick but he could pick up the word of God and implant in us, and we are blessed. Though he is not good at the chop-stick, his perfect ministry to us was as good as the chop stick.

This blogspot will bring to you more articles on Pastor Joseph Kingal's Ministry in Beijing, China. Pictures and articles will be uploaded. The reason for this is because Ps. Kingal is building a spiritual and human bridge that China, the growing great nation is promoting. Thoug China can be regarded as otherwise, the ordinary people on the streets of Beijing and Changchun or any cities in China always portray their love and respect of other person. This is said in the bible.

Ps. Kingal came, delivered and we all are blessed. He even walked the Great Wall, the wall that was built to push away enemies. But Ps. Kingal came to build the bridge to endure humanity in love.

More is coming.

Mathew Yakai

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