Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I will never compromise PNG's sovereignity: Somare!

Caption: Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Sir Michael T. Somare.
By Mathew Yakai

Recently, media reports from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Taiwan alleged that Taiwan was attempting to buy PNG to disband diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and recognized Taiwan.

High profile Papua New Guinean’s have been alleged to have met with some officials from Taiwan to negotiate on the issue.

One of those high profile officials is currently serving in the Somare government, and Chairman of the powerful committee within the government.

Somare, in Parliament denied the allegation, and told the country that as long as he remains the Prime Minister of PNG, he will recognize the “Once China Policy”.

Somare himself was the then Prime Minister in 1976 who established the diplomatic relationship with P.R.C.

PNG and PRC have established the official diplomatic ties on October 12, 1976, one year after PNG gained independence in September 16, 1975 and two years before China reformed its economy and opening up in 1978.

Given China’s long history and experience with other countries in the past decades, Beijing today is very careful with its diplomacy and foreign policy when dealing with foreign countries.

While trying to maintain its sovereignty and domestic politics, Beijing tries to avoid other countries from interfering in its domestic affairs.

But evidence is that China’s presence in the region and the world does have impacts on domestic polities, leaving aside bilateral relationships.

Recognizing this fact, the PNG’s national leaders will be foolish to negotiate for the Pacific island country’s sovereignty.

PNG can deal with Taiwan through its Trade Mission because Taiwan is a province of PRC and the international community knows this very well.

In Parliament on May 13th, 2008, Sir Michael Somare admitted that Taiwan is known for buying poor developing countries, but Papua New Guinea will not give in.

Read his full speech here:

And a
SHAN-LIN CHEN, Trade Mission of Taiwan representative wrote a letter to editor, The National recently,

“ON behalf of the government of Taiwan, I am writing in response to an article entitled “Opposition demands action on Taiwan scandal” (The National, Jan 15).

Taiwan is a democratic country and its independent judiciary is currently conducting a full and thorough investigation into the case mentioned in the article.

My government, therefore, has every confidence that truth and justice will prevail.

As Taiwan’s representative, I will naturally be providing all relevant information to the Government as soon as the final verdict is delivered. “

That truth must be presented, and Papua New Guinea hopes that the names of those Papua New Guinean’s alleged to have been involved should be revealed.

Now, Mr. Shan-Lin states that …”Taiwan is a democratic country…” No, this blog strongly says that Taiwan is not a country but part of P.R.C

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