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Meet Albert Tobby, covenanted child of God in China

Caption: Albert with Papua New Guinean Evangelist Ps. Joseph Kingal in Beijing during the Beijing Conference Feb 4th to 6th. Albert was a major player in the organization of the conference which attracted foreign students and workers in China from more then 40 countries. Ps. Kingal was the main speaker in the evening sessions.
Caption: A smile means thousand of words and it costs absolutely nothing. Albert Tobby from Papua New Guinea currently studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

GOD fearing Albert Kaupa Tobby from Papua New Guinea left in 2007 for studies in China under the Chinese Government Scholarship.

But one thing kept bothering him. He thought, perhaps leaving PNG is leaving God behind as he can’t worship God in China.

But he never knew that God brought him to China to extend His kingdom, like Jeffers Teargun another PNG student highlighted in my last commentary.

Albert, a Masters student majoring International Development at the prestigious Tsinghua University does not regret that God brought him to China for a purpose.

He will share his blessing and firmly believes that when God takes people to new places and heights, He does for good reasons.

“I (Albert) arrived here in China on the 01st of September 2007. Leaving PNG for China is like leaving the known and reaching into the unknown.

The familiar to the unfamiliar, brings me closer and dependent on God.

I have my family, church, friends and colleagues almost every day of my life in PNG. Praying and reading Bible is a daily practice.

Shouting, singing, dancing and talking about God is habitual. Mentioning Jesus Christ’s name doesn’t cause any goose bum feelings.

It flows naturally and swiftly through my ears and the atmosphere around me. Being radical and vibrant Christian either at the church on Sunday, in Friday night TSCF fellowship, Saturday night youth fellowship, or Wednesday night midweek fellowship are expected norms to building safe havens for me.

My possibilities of leaving God seem almost non-existent. I cannot even isolate myself from the prototype Christian communities.

Wherever I go whether, to Madang, Simbu, Mt. Hagen, Lae or Port Moresby at least there is someone who speaks the same believer’s language and knows who I am, just by a handshake with the words, “God Bless You.”

On Thursdays, I read the Faith section of The National newspaper, I find encouraging sermons from anointed man of God like Ps. Joseph Walters and testimonies about the work of God within the body of Christ in PNG.

Travelling in the PMV bus along the Highlands Highway bombarded me with anointed messages and inspirational songs from the Wantok Radio Light, 24/7.

On Sunday nights around 7pm, I would watch the 7th Heaven family drama program on EMTV, a TV drama that portrays contemporary Christian issues affecting families.

I usually end the week by watching Praise at around 11:30 pm on Sunday evening, a program sponsored by CHM Supersound that shows PNG and other Pacific Islands Gospel Artists.

PNG as a nation is really a mega church, the country, declared by Constitution as Christian Nation.

Honestly for me to leave PNG for China is just like being suspended or terminated from the Church. In other words, it’s like taking a fish out of the pond and placing it on a bare land.

I left PNG four days after the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, publicly declared and signed the covenant with God around 8:00 pm, August 26, 2007, at the Sioni Kami Memorial Church, Boroko National Capital District during the All Pacific Prayer Assembly (APPA) in Port Moresby.

Prime Minister literally singed the covenant with the inscription found in the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah 11: 1 – 17…especially vs. 4b – 5 which reads:

… (PNG) “Obey My voice and do according to all that I command you; so shall you be My people and I will be your God. That I may establish the oath which I have sworn to your fathers, to give them a land flowing with milk and honey as it is this day”,…. (and Sir Michael Somare said), “so be it Lord.” (Jeremiah 11: 4b – 5 NKJV)

Prime Minister as the Head of the State symbolically commits PNG to God. The God of Israel is now God of PNG, the God of the Jews is now the God of the PNG.

We are the children of God and God is now our Father. To my knowledge apart from the Biblical Israelites, PNG is the only nation after the resurrection of Jesus Christ to officially sign a covenant to declare the sovereignty and authority of God the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit over the Nation of PNG and its citizens.

With all the excitement and passion burning inside me regarding this prophetically, strategically and historically significant event, I sadly had to leave PNG for China.

Even when sitting in the plane from Port Moresby to Brisbane and then to Beijing via Shanghai, the message at the APPA kept ringing in my head and boiling in my heart.

I kept on hearing this voice saying, “God is in the process of cleansing the church and bringing the church to the original status, where Christ the Head of Church takes His rightful position as the Commander of the Army of God.” (Read Malachi 3: 1 – 3)

My heart was filled with regrets that, being out of PNG, I am going to miss this great move of God in the Church.

I kept on raising questions such as, ‘whether this cleansing and preparing of the church will also be in China where I am, or is it only for those who are in PNG?’

‘As a Papua New Guinean and being an eye witness to the covenant am I still entitled to this great move of God through the body of Church in PNG, even though I am not in PNG?’

My mind was filled with fear of insecurity and doubt of allowing the move of God to break forth and break through my life in China.

Realizing that I no longer have the familiar people and environment to help me build my relationship with the King of Glory Jesus Christ, the situation actually increased my faith and dependence on God. Just as the Israelites in the wilderness.

After 400 years of slavery God handed the Israelites the deed to a lush, plentiful land they could finally call home.

Up until now everything they owned had been provided for them by their Egyptian captors. But slavery had crushed their will and destroyed their initiative; consequently God had to break them off their reliance on people rather than on Him.

So when God led the Israelites into the wilderness and the leeks and onions they enjoyed in Egypt were gone, they were forced to develop an appetite for manna - something only God can provide!

When God makes you a promise He always keeps it, but you have to be willing to remove the training wheels of your reliance on people.
In the wilderness the Israelites griped and bellyached for the comfort of the familiar, even though it meant going back to an old season that was over.

But they couldn't, and you can't either! When God said, "Increase… and possess the land" (Deuteronomy 8:1 NIV), His plan for them went beyond surviving - to thriving.

It meant being weaned off the breast milk of people-dependence and on to the meat of God-dependence.

Paul writes: "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves… but our sufficiency is from God" (2 Corinthians 3:5 NKJV).

When God pushes you out of your comfort zone en route to your destiny, expect to go through some unfamiliar, anxiety-producing territory. It's the only way to go from surviving - to thriving.

My deployment to China is strategic and timely as the Commander of the Army of God takes His rightful place to increase…and possess the land (Deuteronomy 8:1).

It’s all about Him and His will be done and His Kingdom come on Earth as it was in Heaven.

The Beijing Conference, which was successfully completed at the beginning of February 3rd – 6th that saw our very own Evangelist Ps. Joseph Kingal who delivered the word of God as the main Guest Speaker.

This is all part of God’s doing because Papua New Guineans are covenanted people of God.

It is Papua New Guinean students studying here in China who are the main driving force behind the success of the Beijing conference and others in the past (Shenyang Conference in 2007).

Papua New Guineans are covenanted People of God. Therefore, where ever we are if we are genuine with God, truly the King of Glory will come and take His rightful place thus glorifying you in turn will glorify Him.

We cannot try to glorify ourselves with any homemade glory but God Himself will glorify us when He takes His rightful place in us.

“And we know that all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

“For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son that He might be called the firstborn among many brethren.”

“Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called, whom He called, these He also justified, and whom He justified these He also glorified. What then shall we say to these things?

“If God is for us (PNG) who can be against us?” (Romans 8: 28 – 31 NKJV).

God bless PNG!

Note: Albert can be contacted on E-mail: Ph: (058610) + 51775358, Mobile: (058610) + 158 11086607

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China is a good friend of Fiji: Bainimarama

Caption: Commodore Bainimarama is accused of standing in the way of holding fair elections. (Reuters: Tim Wimborne)

By Mathew Yakai

Samoa is backing Australia and New Zealand, pressuring Fiji to return to Parliamentary Democracy.

But like New Zealand and Australia, Samoa does not know the real cause of Fiji’s problem.

Unless the underlying problem is solved, Fiji will still face the same in the future.

Bainimarama knows that and he is right. He should not give in because Fiji’s future is very important.

Tonga and other Pacific Island countries know that Fiji must fix its underlying problem first. They are supportive of Bainimarama and willing to give a hand. That’s Melanesian way, but that’s where wisdom comes in.

New Zealand and Australia are using democracy as a tool to interfere in Fiji’s domestic politics.

They do not see the reason why Bainimarama staged the coup. Even, that’s not the first. They should question why blood less coup has been ongoing in Fiji?

If New Zealand and Australia are genuine friends then they must help answer the question to help Fiji.

Fiji has a big leverage to down play any pressure from Pacific Island countries including Australia and New Zealand.

First, Fiji play hosts to the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus. All Pacific Island countries send their students there except Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

All island member countries are financial contributors, but Fiji provides the land and facilities. Second, Fiji houses the Forum Secretariat and other important regional and International Organizations.

Fiji can lose in some sense but has upper hand to bargain.

Recent visit by the high delegation to Fiji from China led by Xi Jinping, Vice President of People’s Republic of China marks an important trend.

Fiji can completely cut off from Australia and New Zealand, focusing its relationship with Great China.

In his speech, Bainimarama spells out a tune that China is a friend to Fiji and that must stay.

Read more on Bainimarama’s speech on this site.

This is an important trend in the political atmosphere in the Pacific and islanders must pay close attention.Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama said that the visit allowed both Governments to reflect on the strength and the deepening of the bilateral relations.He described the stopover as a gesture of true and genuine friendship between the two countries.

States are major players in the international system given the anarchic world order. Thus, Bainimarama has the right to decide the future of his people, as long as Fiji Islanders are happy.

We can only wish the beautiful and romantic Bula Land a prosperous future.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why flying over Australia?

Caption: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives at Beijing airport February 20, 2009. Clinton is on a week-long trip to Asia with stops in Japan and Indonesia, South Korea and China. She is focusing on expanding cooperation with Asia to deal with the global financial crisis, and issues such as climate change. [Agencies]

By Mathew Yakai

If the most powerful woman in the world in new Obama administration had flown across the Pacific to South Korea from Indonesia during his one week Asia tour then she must not have seen the Australian continent from her plane window because smoke from the devastating bush fire must have overwhelmed the land down under.

Though she fixed her Asian trip itinerary in Washington before the Australian bush fire, conventional wisdom would prevail that she should have changed it and drop bye Canberra to pay at least the condolence to the victims.

The Australian fathers and mothers who are facing the devastating fire have their sons serving in America’s instigated war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many have lost their lives.

I question why Hillary did not make a stop over given the fact that Australia is a strong allay of USA, apart from UK in the fight against terrorism and even the current world financial crises.

A first stop over in Japan does not mean that it goes well for Canberra because USA, Japan and Australia are close allies in Asia.

Even further, Obama would have made the right choice to send his angel messenger to China first, instead of Japan because China has the leverage over Korean Peninsula issue and the Iran nuclear issue.

China has been actively participating in the Six Party Talk. It is common knowledge that China can easily negotiate with North Korea and Iran to ease their nukes and turn to a cooperative diplomacy in the region.

Besides, China with its growing economy despite the world financial crises, show that it can still survive crises, though millions of Chinese have lost their jobs already.

Whatever it may be, USA must fully “engage” China in all regional issues, because since 1978, China has proven that its foreign policy is for world peace and thus been actively involved in many international and regional issues.

Any problems in the region and the world can not be solved without the full participation of China. Thus, China – US relationship is as important as USA-Japan relationship.

Papua New Guinea will still wait to see if Obama will visit Sabama in Port Moresby one day. If he does not then it’s okay, because USA’s ear and mouth is represented by Australia. And PNG has made the right choice by contributing towards the bush fire victims.

And equally important is PNG-China bilateral relationship because China is always, representing all developing countries when dealing with the hegemony, USA. As long as we keep in good terms with Beijing, President Hu will bring home a packet of “dumpling” for us.

This is evident when China’s high profile delegation visited Fiji recently while Kevin Rudd was busy trying to put off the bush fire. The Chinese delegation was well received and journalists were not allowed to talk with the delegation.

Fiji’s Bainimarama has been accused by Australia and New Zealand recently for failing to set a date for democratic election, and things seems pretty massy now. Bainimarama, the military man might find a new friendship in the largest remaining communist state, China. Then we don’t expect Australia and New Zealand to start accusing China because Bainimarama shall lead his people for Fiji’s benefit. And I would strongly recommend Fiji to seek China's guidance and learn from Beijing's "magic" in economic miracles.

While Obama was busy fixing his financial crises and Rudd was sweating to put off the bush fire, with other world leaders focusing on their domestic financial issues, Chinese leaders have visited Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania in this month alone.

After the Beijing Olympic with the catch phrase, “One World – One Dream”, China is travelling the world to make the dream come true, by strengthening friendship with old friends and meet new ones.

Twenty-first century is an interesting century because the geopolitics have changed very fast. Only time will tell for the better or the worst.

I will never compromise PNG's sovereignity: Somare!

Caption: Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Sir Michael T. Somare.
By Mathew Yakai

Recently, media reports from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Taiwan alleged that Taiwan was attempting to buy PNG to disband diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and recognized Taiwan.

High profile Papua New Guinean’s have been alleged to have met with some officials from Taiwan to negotiate on the issue.

One of those high profile officials is currently serving in the Somare government, and Chairman of the powerful committee within the government.

Somare, in Parliament denied the allegation, and told the country that as long as he remains the Prime Minister of PNG, he will recognize the “Once China Policy”.

Somare himself was the then Prime Minister in 1976 who established the diplomatic relationship with P.R.C.

PNG and PRC have established the official diplomatic ties on October 12, 1976, one year after PNG gained independence in September 16, 1975 and two years before China reformed its economy and opening up in 1978.

Given China’s long history and experience with other countries in the past decades, Beijing today is very careful with its diplomacy and foreign policy when dealing with foreign countries.

While trying to maintain its sovereignty and domestic politics, Beijing tries to avoid other countries from interfering in its domestic affairs.

But evidence is that China’s presence in the region and the world does have impacts on domestic polities, leaving aside bilateral relationships.

Recognizing this fact, the PNG’s national leaders will be foolish to negotiate for the Pacific island country’s sovereignty.

PNG can deal with Taiwan through its Trade Mission because Taiwan is a province of PRC and the international community knows this very well.

In Parliament on May 13th, 2008, Sir Michael Somare admitted that Taiwan is known for buying poor developing countries, but Papua New Guinea will not give in.

Read his full speech here:

And a
SHAN-LIN CHEN, Trade Mission of Taiwan representative wrote a letter to editor, The National recently,

“ON behalf of the government of Taiwan, I am writing in response to an article entitled “Opposition demands action on Taiwan scandal” (The National, Jan 15).

Taiwan is a democratic country and its independent judiciary is currently conducting a full and thorough investigation into the case mentioned in the article.

My government, therefore, has every confidence that truth and justice will prevail.

As Taiwan’s representative, I will naturally be providing all relevant information to the Government as soon as the final verdict is delivered. “

That truth must be presented, and Papua New Guinea hopes that the names of those Papua New Guinean’s alleged to have been involved should be revealed.

Now, Mr. Shan-Lin states that …”Taiwan is a democratic country…” No, this blog strongly says that Taiwan is not a country but part of P.R.C

Sunday Chronicle coming online soon!

Papua New Guinea's weekly newspaper, Sunday Chronicle will be online soon after two years of operation. The paper started with a skeleton staff and printery help from Post Courier now has its own printery and good number of local staff. Sunday Chronicle is a fully nationally owned newspaper by Wesley Raminai. This blog congragulates Sunday Chronicle for breaking through the PNG media industry.
Ban in force! ... NCD Governor Powes Parkop explaining the betel nut ban in Port Moresby that began with a massive awareness campaign involving 200 men with the support of police, PNG Gardener's and youths informing vendors about prohibited public places under the ban. Picture by GEVOKILA ALFRED of Sunday Chronicle.
Above picture of NCD Governor Powes Parkop with the caption is published online by Sunday Chronicles' trial website. The website will be launched very soon for your convenience.
On 5th August 2008, Sunday Chronicle marked its second anniversary and invited Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to deliver a keynote speech. Check this link for Sir Michaels full speech.

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Break Through in PNG Media Industry

We have a good news in Papua New Guinea Media Industry. A new birth has taken place. The nationally owned weekly newspaper, Sunday Chronicle will launch its website very soon. The weekly newspaper that will go on line very soon evcourages positive reporting and developmental journalism. The website address will be published on this blog very soon. Please check out and support Our Newspaper!

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China: exceptional place to worship God

Caption: Pastor Kingal praying for brother Jeffers during the Beijing Feb 4th to 6th Conference
Caption: Pastor Kingal praying for the attendants during the Beijing Conference

Caption: Pastor Kingal praying for this female attendant during the Beijing Conference

JEFFERS Teargun Heptol is no ordinary student in China under the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Jeffers has heavily involved in the work of God in China. One of the fruition of his role is the Feb 4th to 6th Beijing Conference where Pastor Joseph Kingal was invited to minister. Jeffers will share his experience now.

God is a master planner of one’s life. I wouldn’t image I will become a President of International Christian Students in a country like China.

I could not believe I can invite a renowned Evangelist like Pastor Joseph Kingal to be the Guest Speaker of a conference that attracts hundreds of participants from many countries in the world.

As I look back to the first day that I started walking with the Lord, I realized that He had never failed me a moment. The Lord is forever faithful.

It was back in 2003 at PNG University of Technology (Unitech) that I served the Lord through TSCF (Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship) as the Vice President.

After my graduation in 2004, I moved to Madang to work and serve the Lord as TSCF National Associate Staff for that region.

I came to know Ps Joseph Kingal during those days. Ps Kingal was preaching in one of our crusades as the Guest Speaker and said, “Kingdom minded people are there to connect people to the Lord”.

He was referring to the scripture in John chapter 2: 1-2 “The mother of Jesus was there!” Ps Kingal also quoted from 2 Kings 5: 2-3 and said “a young girl from Israel who served as a slave connected leper Naaman to the Lord for his healing”.

“Kingdom minded people do not worry about what place they are in, neither do they worry about what type of people they serve nor worry about what they do, but their primary role is to connect people to the Lord.

They become the divine contact point that the Heavenly Kingdom will meet with people to execute Kingdom purposes”. These were the words that Ps Kingal shared some six years ago but they became the driving force in my life to do great exploits for the Lord in China where people think that there is no God.

Give me a country that the Christianity is growing faster and I will give you China.

I do not regret choosing China to be my home away from home when I choose to come in 2006.

Today, while the world lacks behind, Chinese are populating Heaven every day. Truly Almighty God is counting down on PR China.

The next wave of missionaries and preachers are from China and they will bring the Gospel across the ends of the earth as China rises politically and economically.

Even as I am writing this article, there are people who are already in the Harvest Fields around the world.

The 2007 International students and workers winter conference was hosted in Beijing. I was one of those who participated for the first time.

While involving in this conference, the Lord handpicked me to lead the students here as the President.

Just before I left PNG to China, Lord used a Godly man named Namba Tumu to prophesy over my life at the Madang Technical College.

“When PNG loses Jeffers for next four years, China will gain”. I did not believe this prophesy at that time because how can a great communism nation can be influenced with Christian Principles by a person like me.

However, it is really true that Lord will watch over His word to come to pass because He is not a son of man that He should lie.

China is a good place to worship God and to literally see the hand of the Lord.

Serving as a President is not an easy task. Apart from busy study schedules, I have to meet with people from different nations with different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Some people are fast to respond, some are slow to respond while others do not even do it at all.

In all this, the Lord has clothed me with humility and patience to handle these people. The grace of the Lord has sustained me to serve the people from almost 70 countries of the world.

One of my responsibilities is to visit city Churches in China especially the northern part to encourage International Christians and invite them to annual conferences.

The conferences are hosted twice a year during the summer and winter conferences respectively.

For the last two years that I have served, the conferences where filled with joy and wonders.

There are a lot of processes involved in organizing a conference. First thing is to ask for permission from the authorities two or three months in advance.

Authorities are friendly and they would allow us to have foreigners conference but to some extend, if they say no, then we are not allowed to host.

The conference halls are hotels because there are no proper places to host. It will cost us about US$ 30000 to US$ 40000 depending on the accommodation, food and other logistics of the conference in the hotel.

Someone may ask how this money can be raised. Well, International Churches in every city in China are the supporters and sponsors of these conferences.

The international workers and students are members of these city churches. It has been a privilege to come to know some of these people during the conferences. From the Asians across to Oceania to the north and south Americas to European and African Nations, people of different races and tongues come together to worship the Living Jesus is awesome.

It signifies the unified Body of Christ across the Globe and Jesus is Lord over the universe.

We leave aside our church and denominational backgrounds and worship God based on the Bible believing in Jesus as the Lord and Holy Spirit as the Teacher and Helper.

The purpose of the ministry (conference) is to provide an avenue where people of different races and tongues are trained with sound Biblical Teachings to be the agents of change to impact the world near and far in order to magnify God’s Name!

We invite International and Local speakers as Guest Speakers for the conference. They come and minister the Word of God at their own costs as the Lord provides.

We had a privilege to invite PNG renowned Evangelist Ps Joseph Kingal to 2007 summer conference in Shenyang City and also for this winter conference in Beijing from 4th to 6th February 2009.

During the summer conference, Ps Kingal shared on “Freedom in Christ” taken from John 8:32. Ps Kingal shared that God will deal with our lives to remove any part of ‘Egypt’ in us to set us free.

He took the example of the great rescue of Israelites from Egypt in the book of Exodus and said, “God was delivering the people of Israelites out of Egypt.

God took them over to the wilderness for forty years to remove ‘Egypt’ out of Israelites.

When God wants us to possess the promises, He will discipline us in our own ‘wildernesses’ so that we have the right character and motive that will bring Him the glory,” Ps Kingal shared.

The 2007 summer conference was glorious. God moved mightily through His Spirit and touched many lives even though the authorities came to stopped it in the middle of the conference.

The saving power of the Gospel that Ps Kingal shared saved many souls and four were baptized in 2007.

More than 200 people from 30 nations attended the conference. Ps Kingal was also given the opportunity to share in Shenyang International Christian Fellowship that pave the way for many people to be touched by the Holy Spirit and prayed for.

This year’s winter conference in Beijing was another awesome meeting. According to the organizing committee, the total number of people participated was 280 from more than 40 different nations of the world.

The theme of the conference was ‘Living in the Power of Love’ taken from Colossians 3:14. Ps Joseph Kingal among other anointed speakers shared a profound message on ‘living the power of love’.

“Give proper meaning to pain for the love of God will see you through”, Ps Kingal encouraged the conference participants.

Ps Kingal quoted from Genesis 37 where Biblical figure Joseph went through the pain to become the successful Governor of Egypt at the end.

“People with dreams will always encounter their pits, prisons and Potiphar’s houses before they will be in the Palace”, Ps Kingal shared.

“Joseph gave proper meaning to his pains and trials because he knew that love of God would never fail him. He was patient and persevered even in prison because he walked in the power of God’s love.”

Many of the participants responded to the power of God’s word. People were joyful. It was all awesome and glorious from the first day to the final night.

People went up to the pulpit without fear and doubt to testify of what the Lord has done in their lives.

Twelve people were baptized by Ps Kingal which Ps Kingal said it was a prophetic number of commissioning to take the nations of the world for Jesus.

The after effect of the conference showed that people have been so much blessed by the message Ps Kingal shared.

A girl from India named Chella said that she was blessed by the message Ps Kingal preached.

“The word was for me. I thank God that I have attended this conference. My mother has seven gods. She worships a god every day. My dad does not believe in anything. I am praying to God to empower with His boldness to that I will share God’s love with my family and friends that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ,” Ms Chella said.

After the conference, a family from Malaysia living in Tianjin city called Ps Kingal to go to the city to pray for them. Ps Kingal left on Sunday (8th) afternoon by train and ministered to them.

God showed up and many who attended the prayer meeting were amazed at the work of the Almighty and they all praised Him.

PNG might not be recognized in the world in terms of economic and infrastructure developments but Word of God puts PNG on the world map.

Wherever Ps Kingal preaches, first thing he does on the pulpit is to show people where PNG is because not many had heard of it.

Ps Kingal recognizes that he is representing the Kingdom of God and the beautiful nation of PNG when he preaches around the Globe.

Ps Kingal said if other PNG students and workers who study or work abroad in different countries are tuned to the Heavenly calling to take the risk in facilitating such conferences, PNG will take the Gospel to the world for Lord’s glory. Amen!

Note: You can contact Jeffers on e-mail: and blog: Next week, another PNG student in China, Albert Tobby will share his experience.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baptism in Beijing: Pastor Kingal

These students from six different nations were baptised by Pastor Kingal on Friday 6th Feb, 2009 in Beijing, China. Ps. Kingal presented baptism certificates to them in the evening.
This is the group of male foreign students in China preparing for bapitism in a hotel room in Beijing

Pastor Kingal baptised one of the 12 foreign students in a hotel bath tab in Beijing.

One of the female students been baptised by Pastor Kingal in Beijing

Pastor Kingal has the priviledge of ministering to 42 nations and led many to Christ and baptised 12 University Students from six different countries in a hotel bath tab. It was quite an experience and the Lord receives all honor, glory and praise. Picture by Mathew Yakai in Beijing

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In God, things are possible: Testimony

One is from Africa and another is from Asia. They are Nebart (right) and Pradeep (left) with Ps. Kingal during the Beijing Conference. They came from different back ground, from religion to family. But they have one thing in common. They were both saved by God and now they serve this God mightily. Both were rescued in the 2007 Shengyang Student conference when Pastor Kingal ministered there. In the Beijing Conference from Feb 4th to 6th 2009, they met Ps. Kingal and shared their testimonies. Please read the testimonies below.

My name is Nebart Phin, and I come from Zambia. I am in China studying Communication and Information Systems Engineering at Tianjin University of Technology and Education.

When I arrived in China in September 2006, I was diagnosed with liver disease. This disease was something that I was socked with because I never thought I would have such a disease. The doctors told me that this disease was chronic, therefore, it would never be cured.

In the 2007 Summer Conference in Shengyang, I asked for prayers and Pastor Kingal prayed with me and next medical test that I had in February 2007, the results came out that the disease was not in me.

These student conferences have been a blessing as the prayer warriors are being used mightily by God. Thanks and praise to God for He hears our prayers.

Nebart Phiri

Study – Medicine
Name – Pradeep Kumar Yadar
Country – Nepal
e-mail –

In my country, 80 % of the people are Hindus. They worship different idols. I was born in an Hindu family in East Region of Nepal.
I did my primary schooling in a small village. There were no way to know Jesus. When I was in 5th Grade, one of my friends told me one thing about Jesus. He is the great healer even dead get risen. This scripture totally touched me.
I had never even heard before but it remained inside my heart for long time. I could not share with my family because I was scared.
Every time I was struggling in my family. I did not feel any peace and I was totally broken.
Later in 2005, I got the chance to come to China for study but I came with lot of burden, confusion, hatred from my family. I always argue with my parents. But when I heard the word of God, it brings me close to Jesus.
I had bitter headache everyday when one of my brothers in my fellowship prayed and I was healed completely and that brought me closer to God.
When I attended the first Beijing Summer Conference from Feb 4th to 6th, 2009, the words and praise and worship touched me so much.
“God say, my son, I am the way and truth of life”. I give my heart and found myself changed. I eat in speaking, control on my tongue and lips. Now I give my life to God and He teaches me everything.
Every nights and days, He is with me. I give my all things to my Living God, He is so perfect. When I am reminded of the promise of God, my eyes are filled with tears of joy, happiness. My eyes set up in God. He loves me so much. Amen.

I forgive those who wronged against me: Testimony

A sister from Tanzania shared her testimony Feb Thursday 5th in front of the attendants that she was moved by the power of Pastor Kingal’s ministry.
“I have been keeping records (bad things) for 19 months in my mind,” she referred to bad feelings against others.“Before yesterday (Tue 3rd) it kept me not to sleep last night (Wed 4th).
I could not read. When I read, I found somebody who wronged me in the reading.”“From yesterday (Wed 3rd), I received the Holy Spirit. I put my wrong in the rubbish bin and will not go back.”
“Last night (Wed 4th Feb) I slept well as the result,” the Tanzanian sister in China confessed after Pastor Kingal ministered the previous day (Wed 4th Feb) on the importance of forgiveness and loving others to make way for the Holy Ghost to take reign.
Pastor Kingal emphasized the importance of forgiving others sins and loving others to make way for the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts so that they can enjoy closeness with God.

More pictures and articles coming

In this picture is Ps. Kingal using a spoon to eat. He tried chop stick but could not succeed. Ps. Kingal could not pick up a grain of rice using the chop stick but he could pick up the word of God and implant in us, and we are blessed. Though he is not good at the chop-stick, his perfect ministry to us was as good as the chop stick.

This blogspot will bring to you more articles on Pastor Joseph Kingal's Ministry in Beijing, China. Pictures and articles will be uploaded. The reason for this is because Ps. Kingal is building a spiritual and human bridge that China, the growing great nation is promoting. Thoug China can be regarded as otherwise, the ordinary people on the streets of Beijing and Changchun or any cities in China always portray their love and respect of other person. This is said in the bible.

Ps. Kingal came, delivered and we all are blessed. He even walked the Great Wall, the wall that was built to push away enemies. But Ps. Kingal came to build the bridge to endure humanity in love.

More is coming.

Mathew Yakai

I met Pastor Kingal in Beijing.

Ps. Kingal and I in Beijing International Students Conference. Indeed, this is a Golden Hang-shake and it means a lot to me. Ps. Kingal in PNG shirt looks attractive, not only in the eyes of Christains but others. He represents both PNG and Heaven.
Ps. Kingal and PNG student to China, Albert Tobby. Albert has heavily involved in the Beijing Conference to make it a successsful event. We were all blessed. I should also thank Albert for his orientation during our visit to Great Wall in Beijing. God bless you, bro Albert!

African students in China with Ps. Kingal posing for picture during the Beijing conference.
Note: I took a 12 hours train ride from Beijing to my city Changchun. So tired but yet awake when Ps. Kingal called from Beijing while waiting for his departure to Papua New Guinea via Hong Kong Tuesday 10th at midday. He has been a blessing to most of us in China. He also took his time to send me an e-mail which I think will be of a blessing to you. Mathew Yakai.

From Kingal Ministries‏
Joseph Kingal (
Mon 2/09/09 7:44 PM
Mathew Yakai (

It was great meeting a true PNGuinean like yourself. I know in my heart that God is preparing you for a great calling in life so have big unlimited vision as there will be unlimited provision. Consider me as one of your spiritual advisers in life and career. Feel free to bother me anytime for advise and spiritual input as you take this journey of life in God.

Albert and I made a courtesy call on Ambassador Momis today at 10m. We discused a variety of issues afffecting our great nation such as politics, education,agriculture, christianity, business and many more. It was really good and we closed with a word of prayer.

I am flying home at 8am tomorrow so see you soon in PNG. I also visited Tiangin Medical University and preached there last night and many things happened.

God bless


Pastor Kingal's E-mail from Beijing

Ps. Kingal paid a visit to PNG Ambassador to China, Amb. Johnn Momis on Feb Monday 9th, 2009.
Pastor Kingal with PNG students in Beijing conference held from from Feb 4th to 6th, 2009

The Philippine family who travelled all the way from Shengyang to Beijing to praise God in the conference. It took seven hours by bus.

Group picture of the conference attendants. In the group are students from more then 40 countries. Can you identify the writer and Ps. Kingal?

Note: Below is an e-mail sent by Pastor Kingal to people of like minded who love God and prayed during the three days conference in Beijing from Feb 4th to 6th, 2009. We had a wonderful time and praised God to the best with the presence of Holy Spirit. Mathew Yakai


Meeting PNG Ambassador to China‏
Joseph Kingal (
Tue 2/10/09 1:28 AM
Susan Kingal (
1 attachment

P1060766.JPG (1974.0 KB)
Dear Friends,

My ministry to the People's Republic of China here in Bejing to International Christian Students Conference closed last night on a very high note. I had the privilege of ministering to 42 nations and led many to Christ and baptised 12 University students from 6 different nations in a hotel bath tub. It was a quite an experience and the Lord receives all honor, glory and praise.

Our PNG Embassy loaned us a VAN for me to climb the GREAT WALL of China together with the PNG students here. Today I made a courtesy call on the Ambassador John Momis and shared with him for two hours about national and international issues concerning christianity, politics,education and other business..I prayed for the ambassador and his staff and left the embassy. It was a privilege to meet one of the founding fathers of our great nation ,PNG.

The picture below is our Ambassador to China and me in the PNG Embassy in Bejing.

The full stories will be on the SUNDAY CHRONICLES and also on these two blog spots at and

God bless

Joseph Kingal

Kingal Evangelistic Ministry moved Beijing

Ps. Kingal praying to attendants in Beijing conference.

Pastor Kingal and his French interpreter Noel. Ps. Kingal is ministering on the topic, “Living the Power of Love” in Beijing.

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing, China

“I have been to 15 countries ministering the Gospel of God but my experience in China is amazing.”

“I am so moved by the hunger the young people have for God. They just want to be in the presence of God for ever and that really moves me.”

This is the edited quote the Papua New Guinean Evangelist Pastor Joseph Kingal expressed on the way to his hotel room in Beijing after the baptism ceremony Friday 6th.

Pastor Kingal even expressed his emotion after baptizing 12 foreign students studying in China.

“Mathew, I have ministered around the world, in 15 different countries but my experience in China is amazing.”

“In those countries apart from PNG, I have never baptized people. China is amazing.”

“I baptized four foreign students in Shengyang, China in 2007 Conference.”

Pastor Kingal though that was amazing and the highest. But on Friday 6th Feb, 2009, he baptized 12 foreign students.

“This is a perfect number of God’s disciples. This is the highest number ever baptized since I moved around the world ministering.” The humble, yet moving pastor revealed.

This is happening in China, the country which has been condemned by countries and leaders in the world for its human right abuse and freedom of religion.

This scribe was moved by the atmosphere of the baptism. The Feb Friday 6th baptism did not take place in a church witnessed by parents and loved ones.

The baptism did not take place in a big swimming pool watched by people.

The baptism did not take place in a flowing river or sea as John the Baptism did.

Pastor Kingal did his moving, yet the spiritually filled baptism in a humble Five Star Hotel in the heart of Beijing.

The time was 1:30 pm, Friday Feb 6th and business was as usual. A luxurious room on the 12th floor was booked for that day and reason that only God knew.

The bus driver who drove us to the hotel did not know that either.

The 12 foreigners, all students studying in China, who left their loved ones and parents, came to the “Middle Kingdom’, for an education but also God.

In this 12th floor room, this scribe could feel the power of Holy Spirit. Sometimes, he felt the opportunity of being close with Ps. Kingal when he saved the 12 students through baptism.

History happened to these 4 young ladies and 8 gentlemen in the rest room.

We filled the shower basin to the rim and Ps. Kingal submerged their entire body under the tab, and rest was miracle.

The bible says, it does not matter where one worships God, either in Church or in a bush. God is always there.

Friday Feb 6th is the day this scribe will not forget because the power of the Holy Spirit was in the humble hotel room when Ps. Kingal performed baptism.

Everyone were moved, touched so much in their heart, overwhelmed with joy when they feel the power of Holy Spirit.

When I saw the power of Holy Spirit taking its right position, I praised in my heart that God exists in PNG as in China, in a Nigerian, as in an Indian.

God is for all human races and He loves all mankind. To my humble heart I whispered, “That’s the holiness and humbleness of God, who sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us, including these 12 newly baptized foreigners.”

If one day they give their testimony before their congregation, that will be moving and people will be blessed.

Because, theirs’ is from their hurt. They have been longing and waiting for that. And God answered on that day that Ps. Kingal will fly all the way from PNG to deliver the Word of God.

Ps. Kingal from Joseph Kingal Evangelistic Ministries based in Lae was invited by the International Students Christian to speak on the theme, “Living the Power of Love.”

He came prepared, delivered and more then 270 foreign students and workers in China from over 40 nationalities were moved by the power of Holy Spirit.

The 12 were saved by the grace of God through baptism.

One female student from India said, “I’ve never known God and don’t know anything about God and Christianity but the ministry moved me so I must be saved.”

Many had their own testimony because God rescued them from the evils of this world.

When Ps. Kingal left Lae for China through Hong Kong and arrived on Monday Feb 2nd for the conference, I could not hold back this opportunity.

To me, it was a God sent messenger to deliver a message from Heaven and PNG. It took Pastor Kingal approximately 6 hours by flight but it took me 11 hours by train and bus.

It was a painful or me because I had to stand on the train from Changchun to Shengyang for four hours as there were no seats available.

I packed my travelling bag with few clothes, my hand bag with laptop, note book, bible and aimed to meet Ps. Kingal for the message God wants him to deliver to all foreigners in China.

Four hours train ride from Changchun to Shengyang was painful but I was reminded of how painful it was during those days when my grandfathers climbed the mountains, crossed the rivers, stood the natural disasters to either spread or receive the Gospel of God.

My experience was painful but the rewarding is “sweet”.

I arrived in Shengyang, took a good rest at a hotel and on Tuesday 3rd Feb, joined the Shengyang Fellowship Group on their hired bus to Beijing.

We travelled the plains of China heading towards down south to Beijing which took us 7 hours.

In Beijing from Feb 4th to Feb 6th, we met up with foreigners living all over China, and fellowshipped in the midst of Holy Spirit.

We all left back in our country of origin church politics, hatred and gossips, and in Beijing, we met as brothers and sisters, with one heart and mind fully submerged ourselves in the power of His Highness.

Ps. Kingal took the main evening ministry and ministered to us how we could live with and in the “power of love”.

We were challenged because how can one pray and love his friend or neighbor who gossips and hates him.

But Ps. Kingal assured us that for God loved the world, He sent his son who died on the Cross for our sins and there are ways to live in the power of love.

Ps. Kingal’s message on the theme, “Living the Power of Love” was powerful that resurrected the lives of people who attended the conference.

Ps. Kingal shared that love records no wrong doings. “Even if a close friend in the church has done wrong to you when you do not expect, how will you act in this situation?”

He challenged the attendants.

The word came so strong that it revived and set a new dimension in the lives of the people.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit was intensified during those three days conference.

Many were transformed, saved, reconciled and even demons literally manifested and casted out.

Many people were drunk in the Holy Spirit that they even do not want to get out of the conference room.

The ear had never heard and the eye had never seen is being heard and seen in this conference in a mighty way.

People came to testify that Lord has great things in their lives that they had never seen before.

Finally, the long tiring four hours trip from Changchun to Shengyang by train and seven hours bus trip from Shengyang to Beijing was worth.

After the conference, the attendants did not want to leave the hall. They want to hear more and be in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The African gong beats were pumping at the back ground, the base guitar was puffing the bars, the rhythm of keyboard was superb, the electric guitar electrified the African traditional chorus nicely sang by beautiful African girls, all praise to the God above.

Finally, a conference must come to an end. We cuddled each other, exchanged email address, mobile numbers and promised to met again, if not on earth then in Heaven

I was blessed, as others. I also had the chance to have conversation with Ps. Kingal, the great man of God with a visionary ministry to rescue PNG from the rubbles and debris of social disorder.

We all can not be like Ps. Kingal to minister the Gospel. But his Joseph Kingal Ministries is able to win souls that can live for God.

“We bring our nets and borrow the boats of the churches and go out fishing together. We gather the wounded (souls) on the streets and bring them to the Inn keepers (pastors) to nurse them. We catch the fish (souls) and give them to the pond keepers (pastors)”, Ps Kingal said.

What amazes me is that Ps. Kingal ministered to 40 nations in this single Beijing Conference and baptized 12 souls.

The PNG students who attended the Conference have been blessed and we pray that he continue with his divine role where more Papua New Guineans can be saved like we are in Beijing.

While writing this article, I am reminded that today Sat 8th Ps. Kingal will walk the Great Wall of China, courtesy of PNG Beijing Embassy.

Note: More articles on the conference and personal experience of the writer are forth coming. The writer is a PNG student in China. E-mail:

Thursday, February 05, 2009

PNG's pastor Kingal to baptize 13 foreigners

Two conference leaders helping this girl who was annointed by Pastor Kingal's prayer
Pastor Kingal praying with worshipers
Pastor Kingal praying for this woman

Pastor Kingal prays with the power of the Holy Spirit and the resultt is this......

You see this woman sitting in front? She was touched by the power of the Holy Ghost when pastor Kingal prayed upon her.

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing

Pastor Joseph Kingal from Papua New Guinea will baptize a total of thirteen foreigners in Beijing, China on Friday 6th Feb, 2009.

According to the list of candidates for baptism, the candidates include students and workers in China.

On Thursday Feb 5th, Pastor Kingal conducted a baptism class with the candidates in preparation for baptism.

Ps. Kingal from Joseph Kingal Evangelistic Ministries based in Lae, Papua New Guinea is currently attending an International Students Christian Winter Conference in Beijing which started on Wed 4th and ends Friday 6th.

The conference titled “Living the Power of Love” based on the scripture “Colossians 3:14” attracted more then 278 foreign students and workers in China who come from over 40 countries and live in China now.

In the last two days (Wed 4th and Thu 5th) of the conference, Pastor Kingal ministered on how one can “live in the power of love’ which touched many people.

A sister from Tanzania shared her testimony Feb Thursday 5th in front of the worshipers that she was moved by the power of Pastor Kingal’s ministry.

“I have been keeping records for 19 months in my mind,” she referred to bad feelings against others.

“Before yesterday (Tue 3rd) it kept me not to sleep last night (Wed 4th). I could not read. When I read, I found somebody who wronged me in the reading.”

“From yesterday (Wed 3rd), I received the Holy Spirit. I put my wrong in the rubbish bin and will not go back.”

“Last night (Wed 4th Feb) I slept well as the result,” the Tanzanian sister in China confessed after Pastor Kingal ministered the previous day (Wed 4th Feb) on the importance of forgiveness and loving others to make way for the Holy Ghost to take reign.

Pastor Kingal emphasized the importance of forgiving others sins and loving others to make way for the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts so that they can enjoy closeness with God.

Note. The writer is currently attending this conference and will update this blog. For those in Papua New Guinea can tune into Wantok Radio Light for updates. An overall summary of the conference will be published on Sunday Chronicle Sunday Feb 8th, 2009 and Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

Gospel in action is vital: Pastor Kingal

Pastor Kingal preaching to international students in Beijing. Beside him is Noel from Gabon who was Pastor Kingals' interpreter from English to French. Pic courtesy by Mathew Yakai

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing

Christians must learn to Love and forgive others who sinned against them, Pastor Joseph Kingal said Wednesday Feb 4th, 2009 in Beijing, China.

Pastor Kingal emphasized that practical Gospel which is vital in every Christians is missing today in Churches and questions how Christians can walk in the world.

He was speaking to students and foreigners in China at an International Students Christian Winter Conference where he was invited to speak in the main evangelistic night from Wednesday Feb 4th through Friday 6th Feb 2009.

Pastor Kingal said as Christians, one must learn to forgive others sins and love them, considering that one of the major problem today is to forgive others.

He mentioned three kinds of love, including parental love, Godly love and sexual love and emphasized that God’s love is unconditional and that’s why he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

“Love of God is the most powerful force in the world today, but that is failing today”, he said.

Forgiveness is the prerequisite for love to exist, and that must be fulfilled.

He said fate is based on action and action must emanate from love which will only take place in a heart of a person when he forgives others.

Pastor Kingal said many churches in the world today are empty, Christian’s gossip among themselves and families and friends break away because there is no love and forgiveness.

After the preaching, many foreigners who attended the conference appeared before pastor Kingal for healing prayer.

A total of 13 students from different countries have given their names to baptize on Friday Feb 6th, 2007.

Note. The writer is currently attending this conference and will update this blog. For those in Papua New Guinea can tune into Wantok Radio Light for updates. An overall summary of the conference will be published on Sunday Chronicle Sunday Feb 8th, 2009 and Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pastor Kingal conveys PNG's greetings to foreigners in China

Captions: Yes, we all love our country, Papua New Guinea. In the picture are Papua New Guinea students in China. Jeffers in front, Nickson with hat, Albert, Ps. Kingal, Mathew and Malcolm.

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing

WHEN Pastor Joseph Kingal from Papua New Guinea is out of his beloved country preaching or attending conferences like in Beijing this week (Wed 4th to Fri 6th Feb, 2009), he is not only addressing his audience strictly inline with the purpose of the gathering but firstly conveys his beloved country with 5.6 million people’s warm greetings.

This is exactly what happened in the Beijing International Students Christmas Winter Conference on Wednesday Feb 4th when he was speaking to an audience of foreign students and workers from over 40 nationalities in China.

Pastor Kingal told an enthusiastic audience that Papua New Guinea is not a country in the African continent or in East and South Asia but in the South Pacific, just above Australia sharing the land boarder with Indonesia.

The Pastor gave an example when he was preaching in the United States of America that he was mistaken for a Bahamas.

Pastor Kingal who spoke highly of his country said that many people who know Australia can clearly locate Papua New Guinea and should not relate Papua New Guinea to the Guinea’s in Africa.
"We have many Guinea's but I am from Papua New Guinea", the Pastor said.

The Pastor travels many countries including Russia, Australia, USA under his Joseph Kingal Evangelistic Ministries and this year is his second time to come to China.

His first time was in 2007 to Shengyang, China for the summer international students conference.

Pastor Kingals' message is timely given that many do not know where Papua New Guinea is located on the world map.

In his first evening message on Wednesday 4th, Pastor Kingal spoke on the topic of “Love and Forgiveness” under the conference theme, "Living the Power of Love".

Note. The writer is currently attending this conference and will update this blog. For those in Papua New Guinea can tune into Wantok Radio Light for updates. An overall summary of the conference will be published on Sunday Chronicle Sunday Feb 8th, 2009 and Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

Pastor Kingal in Beijing Conference

Caption: The audience at the conference on Wednesday 4th Feb, 2009. They are mostly foreign students and workers in China from over 40 nationalities. The picture is part of a group discussion after the bible study. Picture by Mathew Yakai
Caption: Pastor Kingal checking out his new neck warmer because of the cold weather in Beijing. He flew from Lae, Papua New Guinea and arrived in Beijing which is experiencing a temperature at -4 degree Celsius. Thanks to Albert Tobby for the new neck warmer. Pic by Mathew Yakai

Caption: Pastor Kingal and Malcolm, a Papua New Guinea student in China on their way to restaurant for lunch. Ps. Kingal looks cool in his winter outfit. Picture by mathew Yakai

By Mathew Yakai in Beijing
Pastor Joseph Kingal of Joseph Kingal Evangelistic Ministries has arrived in Beijing, China on Monday 2nd February and currently taking part in an International Students Christian Winter Conference.

This is the second consecutive invitation, where in 2007, Pastor Kingal was invited in the Shengyang Conference.

The theme of the conference is “Living in the Power of Love” (Colossians 3: 14) starts on Wednesday 4th and ends Friday 6th at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship.

More than 250 foreign students from over 40 nationalities including Papua New Guineans studying in China are attending the conference. Other foreigners working in China are also attending.

The annual conference, usually held around same time is facilitated by a team of Christian student leaders known as the Central Steering Committee or CSC.

CSC is divided into two sections. The northern group is Northern Regional Steering Committee (NRSC), in which Jeffers Heptol, a Papua New Guinean student in China is the President.

Beijing Conference this week is the Northern Region conference organized under the leadership of Mr. Heptol.

Due to government regulations the conference is strictly for passport holders only and no Chinese national are allowed.

Pastor Kingal will be speaking in the main evangelistic night from Wednesday through Friday and also hold prayer and counseling within the days program with baptism service.

Note. The writer is currently attending this conference and will update this blog. For those in Papua New Guinea can tune into Wantok Radio Light for updates. An overall summary of the conference will be published on Sunday Chronicle Sunday Feb 8th, 2009 and Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Changchun City Welcomes Foreigners

Mr. Zhao, Ms. Yu and I during our lunchon meeting in Changchun, China.
Group picture of foreign proof-readers of the Changchun Municipal Government and staff members. I am sitting next to Ms. Yu, division chief of Changchun Foreign website. Picture courtesy by Changchun Foreign Divison.

By Mathew Yakai, Jilin University, Changchun

CHANGCHUN city, the capital of Jilin Province in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) welcomes foreign friends who want to study, work, do business or live in Changchun.

To make this convenient, the Changchun Municipal Foreign (Overseas) Affairs Office through its foreign website will provide more information about the city to encourage more awareness.

Mr. Zhao Jindong, Deputy Director General of Changchun Municipal Foreign (Overseas) Affairs Office said this on Thursday 15 Jan, 2009 when meeting with foreign language proof-readers of the Changchun Foreign Website.

Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun Municipality has the website in five different languages, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese, as part of its drive to promote Changchun to foreigners.

The website address is and provides vital information about the city including popular tourist spots, historical sites, information on the Municipal Government, weather and other information.

This writer (Mathew Yakai) from Papua New Guinea, former journalist and currently a student at Jilin University in Changchun City is the proof-reader/sub-editor of the English website news bulletin

During the lunch meeting, Mr. Zhao accepted the fact that the website lacks other important information which are vital for foreigners to find life more convenient including major shopping centers, hospitals, and recreational places to name the few.

Mr. Zhao said his office is planning to make available these information for foreigners in different languages and also provide the city map on the website identifying important places for foreigners to know.

He also asked the proof-readers to contribute ideas and suggestions to make the website more interesting and convenient for foreigners to use.

Ms. Yu Xiao Yun, Division Chief of Changchun Foreign website was also present.

Both Mr. Zhao and Ms. Yu thanked the foreign proof-readers who were present at the time and wished them a Happy Chinese New Year.