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Happy New Year 2009

Caption: The 10th Harbin Ice and Snow World Festival is a spectacular tourist spot during the Christmas winter period. The writer (far left) with students from Jilin University, China standing in front of the gate built from ice blocks alone. All the buildings and walls or any thing in the vicinity are built out from ice blocks and they stand tall and alone without any support The trip to Harbin was from Dec 27th to 28th 2008. Temp was at -16 degree celsus.

My 2009 New Year Message and Greetings to PNG students in China

Dear fellow PNG students

The time has come for us to say good bye to 2008. Isn’t it sad?But thanks God, we have 2009 approaching.

This is the time many people take stock of themselves on what they have accomplished, the potholes they have encountered, and plan ahead for the next approaching year.

Resolutions are made, but as human beings, we breach them. This is inevitable because when circumstances change, we must also change our habits. Most times, resources are not adequate to accomplish what we may have as New Year Resolutions.

But in this time, I would like you to share with me the moments, not as individuals but as group of Papua New Guineans studying in China to flash back on how our beloved country has gone through.

We have accomplished a lot on the economic level, though we are yet to see real tangible developments where ordinary PNGans can abstract the utility.

Stability has been retained and installed by the current government, though there have been some opposition.

But given all the above, our country is still going through a lot of problems that need to be solved. It is not imperative to state the issues and problems here because in PNG, we are good at talking about problems. Let’s leave those aside.

Now is the time for all of us to move ahead come 2009. At this moment and time of the year, I would like to think of you all not as colleagues but as very special friends. We come from lands, seas, mountains and islands far away to enhance our life through education. We left our loved ones, the comfort of homes, family and friends. We have taken the bold stand to sacrifice many things, whether bad or good, for our prosperity, our country and humanity.

While in China, many of us have encountered experiences, both good and bad, but importantly all contributed towards shaping us to be good global citizens, with PNG in the core of our hearts.

Above all, we are fortunate to live, experience and feel the economic progress of the "middle kingdom".

From snow storm to March earth quake, manned spaced ship to space to the Olympic Games, we all have shared the progress and passion of China, in both happiest and saddest moments.

For most of us, the memory will live for the rest of our life. If not, they have shaped our perception! But what 2009 holds for us and PNG is what we all are looking forward to. Some will decide the destiny of our country in the future. Given that fact, we must ask our selves now. "What kind of society do we want to live-in in the future? What kind of environment do our children can enjoy as long as they live? What kind of country can our women folk be guaranteed as equal partners in nation building?"

The concept of nation’s sovereignty has eroded given the interdependence world we live in today. So, if you and I want to have a peaceful global village where people from all nationality and religion live together then this is the day people of all like minded must stand up for the common good of humanity.

But we still have to answer the question. “Are we ready to live together with our neighbors? Are we willing to allow them into our country to give us what we do not have? These are the questions we will answer when we leave China, because we know the importance of living with people from other lands and religion, who have much to offer.

And in PNG, we have managed the thousand tribes and we are capable of doing come 2009 With that, I humbly extend my sincere, Warm and Prosperous New Year 2009 to you all, my special friends.

I pray fervently that 2009 will bring upon you a healthy life, good education and showers of blessings with wisdom.


Mathew Yakai


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mathew,

Blessed New Year to you all. Mathew's words echoes the patriotic passion of every genuine Papua New Guineans.
Ambassador Momis in his Christmas message to us last year he said " Your very presence in the universities here in China, flies the flag of PNG. You are indispensable to PNG's development." Ambassado Momis recalled these same words which was spoken to him and his other collegues such as Sir Henry To Robert and John Kaputin when they were studying in Australia in the 1960's by Australian Canal Murray. They infact become pioneers of PNG Independence and development process and even continues to serve PNG in many capacities today.

Remember where you are and what you are doing right now represent the 6 million PNG. You are the best of the many chosen to be where you are right now. Your personal achievements are the achievement of PNG. Your personal failiures are the failiures of PNG, because there is no Papua New Guineans doing the same thing you re doing right now. You are so special. Your country needs you.

Happy New Year and May God Bless Papua New Guinea.

Albert Tobby
Beijing, China

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mathew for sharing your thoughts.

happy new year 2009 n happy celebrations!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bro,
You are doing a fine job!

It's so impressing and worth satisfying to see visionary and patriotic Papau New Guineans out there. Change has begun, now its time to gain momentum.
Mahatma Gahandi, " You must be the change that you want to see." Now as yo have voiced, human are relational and reactional to circumerstamces,situations, conditions and stimulation.

The context of the environment that have been created as already taken step number one for the long journey ahead.It takes one person to intiate and become creative, so have you with promising words and context of intillegience.
I would like to personally, with sober admiration, comment and acknowledge your time invested into working on this blog. Words do more damage then force.

"A purpose that is aimed at serving others adds a richer meaning to our lives. It taps into the deep craving that we all live to make a change."

All the best and May our Almighty Father in Heaven Bless you, as you contribute more to the betterment of humanity.

Livingstone Hosea (South China University of Technology).

04 January, 2009 04:49

Anonymous said...

Hello Bro Mathew

I thank for the add and i fine it difficult in adding you if can help please tell me to go about..

By the way, I just came this last year (2008) with other 25 students.. I am from Hela Region of Southern Highlands province..

Bro, back home I use to admire all your writings and I can say that through your hard work many of our famiies back home have know this Great country. When my friends see the Chronicle they just call and tell us every thing that you write..

take care and have plessant afternoon..
Charles Eto..