Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Changchun, China

Little boy of a South Korean parents enjoying at the Onnuri Community Church in Changchun, China during the Christmas service.

Hey Mr. Chop Stick, where are you going? This little boy with chop stick enjoys the Christmas church service.

Korean members of the Onnuri Church in Changchun, China singing a Christmas hym. It was in Korean so could not understand. However, it was nice having people from different nationalities praising God is different languages.

The choir master is at his best shot to get the tune at a higher peak.

The far end is the replica of what designated to be the place where our Saviour, Baby Jesus was put to rest when He was born.

Camera rolling to capture a history before it passes and forgotten in the future.

Balloon, an extra decoration in church. See how nice it is!

Hey, what are you looking for? A Korean church members looking for something.

The corridoor of the church. It's on the 6th floor of a hotel.

This gentleman is the sound engineer of the church band. He makes sure all mics, and other electrical appliances to be used in the church work properly.

Church goers watching the little children singing. Encouraging children to take part in church activities like singing and drammer is one of the best ways to bring up children.

Little Korean girls singing.

Another Korean group singing. It was nice and I enjoyed.

Little angels putting up a drammer performance

These beautiful girls in Santa dressings singing and dancing, all towards praising God. A lovely and moving performance. God can do great things like using small children to extend His Kingdom on earth.

Rev. Seung Kim's saxophone performance on Sunday 21st Dec, 2008. He is from Korea and once a gang star. His testimony is moving. He was a murderer, rapist, and did many bad things that a gang member could do. But God is great. God took him back and now he is a preacher, and an established saxophonist.

Rev. Seung Kim

Rev. Seung Kim sharing his testamony.

Pastor in Charge, Joseph Kim

Me and Emmanuel from Togo in Africa. Emmanuel is our hotel cell group leader. He is majoring International Relations, Masters at Jilin University, Changchun, China.

Me and Emmanuel

Performance in Church

That's Gledish from Africa sleeping in church. "Hey, wake up, this in church!" She is a student at Jilin University, China majoing masters in International Relations.

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Sonja said...

I was there!!! I was there on 21 Dec 2008!! What a wonderful evening in my life and I miss all the people at the Church. Much love and blessings to all. Sonja