Monday, December 15, 2008

Letter to family

Caption: This is my latest picture taken at Nanhu Park in Changchun, China. The background is a huge man-made lake.

Note: I wrote the below letter to my brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea in Tok Pisin, one of Papua New Guineas' national language. The letter was written after the passing away of my lovely mum on November 20, 2008 at Kudjip Hospital in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province.

Mathew YAKAI
International Student, Room No. 1006,
Youyi Huiguan, Jilin University,
2699 Qianjin Street Changchun 130012,

20th Nov, 2007 (11:45pm BT)

Dia Family.

Long nem blong PapaGod, mi laik salim tok hello na sori I kam long yupla. Long namba 20 dei blong mun Novemba long 2:45PM, taim blong China, Len I ring I kam long rum blong mi na tok save olsem mama Muk I lusim mipla. Lewa blong mi bruk stret na mi sanap, sindaun and silip krai insait long rum. Mi stap longwe stret na taim mi harim display nius, mi kisim hevi stret.

Tasol Papa God I gutpla na em I givim bel isi long mi. Na nau mi stap orait. Mi kisim tingting olsem mi stap long narapla ples we nogat wantok or wanpla man meri blong PNG bai helivim mi. Mi tasol olsem na papa God i givim bel isi long mi na nau mi stap orait.

Mi tok bikpla sori long family – Lois na Mark husait I bin stap klostu wantaim mama, taim mi, Nita and Len I stap longwe. Mi sori olsem mama bai I no moa stap wantaim yutupla. Long Len and Nita, mi hamamas yutpla I bin lukautim mama taim mi stap long we tumas inap long longpla taim. William, mi laik tok tenkyu tru long lukautim mama igo inap taim birua I bin kamap long ples. Mi bilip olsem display birua ino bin kamap bai mama I nap stap long han blo you. Dopo, Nul na Kai, mama Muk is lusim yupla na mi sori true. Paip na family, Wanis na family, Luke, Petrus, Tes na family, mi tok sori stret bilong wanem bel blong yupla I save stap wantaim mama. Nau em I lusim yumi.

Long family blong yumi, mama Muk em wanpla meri we olgeta man meri long komnuti I save laikim em. Tasol, taim God is laik kisim ol man, em I no nap kauntim wanem em gutpla or nogut. God yet I save givim laip and kisim laip.

Sapos wanpla samting tasol I brukim lewa blo mi em long pasin blong mi we mi no lukim mama inap long 8 pla krismas. Mi tok sori stret. Taim mi harem, mi kisim bikpla hevi stret na mi bel hevi. Tasol insait long bel blong mi, mi gat bikpla bilip olsem mama Muk I no kisim bikpla hevi long mi taim em I lus. Long display as tasol, taim mi pinisim skul long next year bai mi kam long lukim matmat blong mama.

Long planim bodi blong mama Muk, mi laikim em I mas silim baksait long haus blong Kai. Mi no laikim em long silip long Kurkur matmat. Em I mas silip baksait long haus bilong Kai. Displa tok em I final.

Long family blong mipla na ol narapl husait I bin stap long helivim mama inap long dai blong em, mi tok tenkyu. Long ol family blong mipla husait I nau lusim Muk, mi tok sori stret.

Displa is givim wanpla toksave olsem wanpla taim bai yumi tu I dai. Maski yu king, kwin, Prime Minista or rabis man, wanpla taim em yumi mas dai. Tasol husait I bai dai pastaim em samting yumi olgeta I wait long luksave. Nau em mama Muk em God I kisim bek. So, bihain em husait bai dai. Long display as, mi laik givim tok olsem lotu em bikpla samting. Yumi mas lotu strong na stap bikos display graun yumi stap nau em I no asples blong yu. Wanpla taim yumi dai bai yumi facim judgement.

Maski skul man, skul meri, lawyer, dokta, pilot, bai ol I dai yet. Tasol man husait I no nap dai long spitit em man I holim tok true blong God insait long laip na wokabout blong em.

Taim yupla stap long haus krai long hap, mi tu mi stap haus krai insait long rum blong mi. Mi no nap wokim skul wok, stadi, or rid na rait inap mama I go bek long graun. So pilis tok save wanem taim yupla putim em long graun.

Mama Muk I bin lukautim mi taim bebi I kam inap nau na mi nogat sans long lukim bodi blong em taim em I go bek long graun. Tasol mi laik wokim wanpla tok long mama blong mi. “MAMA, MI LAIKIM YU NA LUKIM YU LONG HEVEN”.

Ema tasol na papa God I ken givim bel isi long yupla taim yupla istap soim tok sori blong yupla.


Mathew YAKAI

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Anonymous said...

Your older brother, Len, read your letter (as exhibited above) at the open funeral service held for your late mum, Muk, on Saturday 22nd November 2008, at your Yapalgu village, Tambul – Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

 Your mum was a great woman who was loved not only by her tribesmen and women but by the whole Wambul community and those she encountered daily through her living years. At her funeral, her tribesmen described her in one sentence…..”her love was like an island in life’s ocean, vast and wide”.

 Thank God, I was fortunate to have come to know and love her, for ours was a reciprocal love! She will greatly be missed - May her Soul Rest in Peace!