Monday, December 22, 2008

Membership Certificate at Onnuri Community Church

"Mambership Certificate: Name: Mathew Yakai. This is to certify that Mr. Mathew Yakai successfully completed the New Comer's Class and become a member of the Mosaic Community at Onnuri Community Church in Changchun. Said certificate was duly signed by Seoul Onnuri Community Church entitling Mr. Mathew Yakai to be admitted to serve the Mosaic Community as member.....dated: 30th Nov, 2008."
This was written on the Membership certificate I received at the Onnuri Church in Changchun, China on Nov 30th, 2008. The picture above shows other students who were admitted as members including the writer (in red). Onnuri Church has members from all over the world, including the Korean community in the city.

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Livingstone said...

It's so impressing and worth satisfying to see visionary and patriotic Papau New Guineans out there. Change has begun, now its time to gain momentum.
Mahatma Gahandi, " You must be the change that you want to see." Now as yo have voiced, human are relational and reactional to circumerstamces,situations, conditions and stimulation.

The context of the environment that have been created as already taken step number one for the long journey ahead.It takes one person to intiate and become creative, so have you with promising words and context of intillegience.
I would like to personally, with sober admiration, comment and acknowledge your time invested into working on this blog. Words do more damage then force.

"A purpose that is aimed at serving others adds a richer meaning to our lives. It taps into the deep craving that we all live to make a change."

Livingstone Hosea (South China University of Technology).