Sunday, January 04, 2009

That's me at the Onnuri Community Church in Changchun on Sunday Jan 4th 2009. This is the first Sunday service for the New Year 2009 in China. The Sunday is also special for me because I started on the day as the Church drummer in the fellowship band. Though I left playing drums for almost 10 years, God is always good and made it possible for me to get along well with the music, and the worship was perfect. As long as I live, I shall PRAISE my God because when God is with me, nothing of this world will be against e.

This picture was taken in Harbin on Dec 27th 2008 during my trip there with other international students from Jilin University, China. The building's wall is entirely covered with Ice and Snow, as part of Harbin Snow World Festival every winter. We were outside but for God's sake, the temperature was at -19 degree celsus and we could not stand the cold so got into this building to warm ourselves. However, the waiters rushed to us and asked us to pay for drinks or other services or they will not allow us to stay inside. And believe me, the drinks are pretty expensive so we justgot this picture and left.

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