Sunday, January 11, 2009

Up-date on a trip to Harbin

Jeffers and me (Mathew) in my room. Jeffers arrived on Friday 9th January 2009 and spent the nights with me till Sunday 11th January. After meeting on-line for sometime, I finally came to meet Jeffers in person. God is great and He made things possible for us to meet.
Group picture of Jeffers and Changchun Onnuri Church Members. From left is me, Jeffers, Henry Zulu, Pastor Joseph Kim of Onnuri Church (my pastor), Fabian and Alvin. Group photo taken after our meeting with Jeffers.

During the meeting at a hotel in Changchun. Pastor Joseph Kim treated us with delicious Japanese dishes in varieties. I can remember only one dish that Jeffers had, and that was Sushi, the Japanese raw fish. Jeffers had with Washabi, a spicy greeny staff. When having the sushi, he kept on saying "delicious". I wonder how he can say delicious when the thing is spicy....heheheh. Our meeting was fruitful. Jeffers briefed us on the upcoming festival in Beijing and the future activities involving students and foreign passport holders. Pastor Kim was so impressed.

Jeffers with one of the church goers from New Zealand (named). We were there on Sunday before Jeffers left for his home city. Praise God, the Church gave an opportunity to Jeffers to talk more on the up-coming festival in Beijing. Many people showed interest.

Outside the Changchun church. You can see that it was snowing heavily. Jeffers and Alvin with a kenyan family for a group picture.

Note: Jeffers Teargun Heptol stood the cold temperature in Changchun which was at -23 degree celsus to make an awareness of the upcoming Foreigners Festival in Beijing from Feb 4 to 6. He arrived on Friday 9 and left on Sunday 11 January 2009. Below is an E-mail update of his trip.

Dear Beloveds through out China,

Greetings! Blessed be the Name of the Lord. God is doing marvelous things in this land and I am honored to be part of this great move of His Spirit. From the tip of the North of China all the way down to the edge of the south of China, His glory is rising. The banner of Jesus is rising across this land, and it's not a mistake that God placed all of us strategically in this land.

This email is to update you on the trip to Changchun. Firstly, I thank God for the opportunity meet senior Pastor of Onnuri Community Church Rev. Joseph Kim, Dean and Mentor Henry Zulu, Bro Fabian, bro Mathew and the Music team of Onnuri Community Church. Rev Joseph and his elders hosted a lunch and we had a quality time of discussion. Thank God for their heart of openess and I appreciate all that.

On the same note, it was indeed an honor to be given an opportunity to address the congregation of Changchun International Fellowship. I thank God for the elders Xavier & Nicola Lynch, bro Alween, bro Josephert of Changchun International Fellowship. May Lord bless you all for your openess and willingness to be part of what the Lord is doing in this land.

We had a quality discussion about the Foreigners Annual Vacation "Festivals" both in the Northern and Southern Regions of this land. It has been noticed that, we did not involve Changchun and Harbin Fellowships in these meetings for last 10 to 15 years. They were willing to involve in the coming years and even put up their hands to host any combine any vacation "festival".

They questioned me why they did not receive the information few years back. And I appologized to them and informed that no-one has taken the risk to make the awareness campaign of the "Festivals".

Both regions have "festivals" coming up this winter vacation In the south (Shanghai - Jan 30 - Feb 1st). the theme is Worshipping God in Truth and Spirit (John 4:23-24). The Guest speaker is Ps Johnathan Mesai from Kenya.

For the northern region is in Beijing from 3rd to 6th Feb. The theme is Living the power of Lord (Col 3:14). Guest Speaker is Evangelist Joseph Kingal from Papua New Guinea. Continue to uphold these "festivals" in your quite times.

I will be paying a visit to Harbin fellowship this weekend. Bro Peter and other beloveds are anticipating to receive more information about the "festival". Keep me in your prayers.

We also discussed about inter-church visits. The Changchun Fellowships have given an opportunity to Shenyang International Fellowship to visit them. As time goes on, they will visit Shenyang Fellowship. We will have seninars and training together.

Please find attached are photos with Rev Kim while having meeting and dinning plus elder Xavier in Changchun ICF with fellowship members. Also attached is the RSC northern Region Newsleter.

Lord bless you all.

For His Kingdom
Jeffers Teargun Heptol
RSC Chariman


Anonymous said...

RE: Up-Date on a trip to Changchun (Jilin)‏

Dear Jeffers,

Be blessed in Jesus Name.
I really enjoy receiving your up-date on a trip to Changchun and i am glorified Lord the rich content of this message.

God knows what is doing across this Great Land of His and i praise HIM for the great work you are doing for His Kingdom. As you all remind us the two regional Winterfest and their importants points, we getting close to the opening dates. We deeply know that God has prepared something very Spefcial foreach and everyone of us. we should watch and pray to have a personal encounter with him.

Regarding your trip, i personally and deeply present our apologizes to Changchun and Harbin Fellowships for those past years. They are always in our prayers for the Lord is Good and he brings his children together.

Please forward us the contact informations of the Leaders from the two differents fellowship swe have to keep contact with him in our daily life prayer and for upcoming events.
May the Lord bless you

CSC Organizing Secretary

Mr. Guy-Armel Bounda (Petth'o!)
Living under His Love and for His Own Will and Glory.
My Home : NICF (
My Space:

Anonymous said...

Mathehw good to see you are helping one way or naother in developing our country in such a way that we do not see the West and their ways as THE ONLY WAY FORWARD for a developing country.

Interestingly our ties with China has one way or another steam rolled our economy over the last 7 to 10 years.
Aussies and Uncle Sam were here all this time but they were goiing around the circle, if you know what I mean.
Bro pass me a mail or visit my facebook.

cheers, lukautim u yet.

Raymond unasi (aka)Raymond Sekagu Castro.

Goroka dem hs,
UPNG renegade-still going strong.