Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Walking The Great Wall With Mission On Target!

Climbing the Great Wall in Beijing Feb 7 is dream come true for me. Finally, I have been in China, as they always say, “If you have not climbed the Great Wall then you have not been in China”.

Right above my head is a jet plane fly over the great land mass of China. On my left stands high and above the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympic slogan “One World-One Dream” while my eyes are focused into the future with determination.

The Great Wall is an amazing and thrilling peace of human intelligence which was built more then 2,000 years back during the Warring Periods to keep away enemies.

I can not believe that the Wall was built through terrains and mountains unbearable for human inhabitant.

The Great Wall stands tall amongst all wanders of this earth, still driving thousands of tourists from within and abroad towards it.

More pictures and article on the great mission to Great Wall is forthcoming. Please check again later.

PNG students including myself accompanied Evangelist Ps. Joseph Kingal climbing the Great Wall of all times. (The picture is the writer of this blog)

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