Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PNG Students in China united to help Michael Kapu

Michael D. Kapu, the final year Health Management student at DWU

By Mathew Yakai in Changchun, China

MICHAEL D. Kapu is a total stranger to all PNG students in Great China. None of the students (including this writer) met or knew him.

Michael aged 25 is from the remote Magarima district of the rich Southern Highlands Province and currently pursuing his final year at Divine Word University (DWU) majoring Health Management.

Like any other ordinary students from unfortunate families, Michael’s hope for an education and a better future almost came to an end at the beginning of this year.

His parents, like every other villager in PNG are subsistence farmers who make ends meet by selling their cash crops, nor does he have relatives who earn salary.

His determined mother labored on tirelessly to sell vegetables at their local markets to earn some cash to save for Michaels’ education.

This had been going on till 2003 when Michael successfully completed his secondary education at Tari Secondary.

He was lucky to secure a space at DWU in 2004 for his degree program in Health Management but after completing first year in 2005, Michael could not continue his studies because of financial difficulties.

He withdrew from studies till end of 2006 as the little money his mum earned from rural markets where cash hardly flows could not sustain his studies.

Thus, Michael resorted to selling cigarettes and betelnuts to enable him to pass through formal education in the following year (2007) but he was exhausted all alone.

Nevertheless, this young man with the hunger for education pushed through all the financial hardships and this year supposed to be his final year.

However, he had insufficient funds to allow him for registration. DWU administration could not allow him and he had no choice but ready to withdraw from studies.

But February 19, 2009, 5:17 AM (Beijing time) is the date Michael will not forget.

This is the date that made the PNG students in China to dig deep into their pockets to give little they have for Michael to complete his studies.

Michael sent an e-mail to one of his e-email friends, Gene Drekeke Iyovo in China. They have not met before. Gene is from Asaro in Eastern Highlands.

They call themselves brothers because first, both are Christians and second, both are like minded to see PNG prosper with people of higher educational caliber and wisdom.

“… other students are busy with their studies but for my case I have not registered yet because I do not have enough fees,” Michael said in his e-mail to Gene Feb 19.

“It is already week four of the schooling year but am still hanging around the school to fill my withdrawal form. My expectations from people who have promised to pay my school fees have been negative and am lost for words.”

“Sadly, I will miss my HECAS and self sponsor again next year with more money than what I would pay this year.”

“I need only K4, 300. but nobody is able to help me and my parents could not afford as they are very poor and exhausted.”

“Bro, I would like to complete my degree but school fee is the pain in my neck.......I am running out of words but if you were working I would ask if you could help me some amount and register myself.”

“I have K1200. but that can not as the Uni wants full payment on the spot,” Michael wrote.

Gene, a young father with a son and wife to care for did not hesitate to help Michael. He even forwarded Michaels’ e-mail to all PNG students in China, including this writer.

Surprisingly, most responded with pledges to help Michael to see his dreams come true.

Not because they have surplus money to give, but all have been through the same experience as Michael.

And all believe that a successful education for Michael will have positive effects in his family, clan, province and the country.

With an intense e-mail exchanges, the students in China started making contributions.

Gene Drekeke gave RMB 500. The writer contributed RMB 200. Jeffers Teargun Heptol RMB 800. Albert K. Tobby RMB 400. Malcome Philip Taureka RMB 100. and Livingstone Hosea RMB 200.

Third Secretary to PNG’s Beijing embassy Liza Gabina contributed RMB 500. Totaled of RMB 2700 (K1, 051.) was sent to Michael through Madang Wespac March 14.

We never met Michael, or know him personally. But it was so amazing that we were willing to give the little we earned from our scholarship.

What truly touched us was that we had the hunger that Michael MUST complete his final year and have a decent future just like other Papua New Guineans.

We did not want him to feel being pushed out by the system that was established by men, and that can be bent and manipulated.

We sent e-mail’s pleading DWU administration to allow Michael to register while we did our contribution. God was good to allow Michael’s registration.

Gene said in an e-mail, “I know the feeling this young promising PNG intellect, I know the feeling his parents now, because I have been through that.”

“He will be denied his right to study, does not mean he failed, rather committed a crime against the state but will be denied his opportunity, the effort his poor parents have put through will bring dryness to their aspirations.”“I want to commit some hundred Kina to this young man, I do not care where he comes from, whether or not I know him. What I know is I Love PNG, and I love my people and I am giving because I am sowing for this great nation,” Gene said.

We gave with one mind and total peace in our heart. We believe that in a country like ours, we love each other very much despite our boastful 860 plus languages, ethnic diversity with different ideologies.

We are sure that as long as we remain human beings, the pains, sorrows, and excitements we go through are similar.

We have seen and experienced caring and sharing in PNG like the Aitape Tsunami where mothers, fathers, elderly, children, from known to unknown, mountains of Tari and Pogera to the isolated and ignored islands of Milne Bay gave the little they saved.

The street boys in Port Moresby pushed wheel barrow and raised funds, though they may have been looked down by our institutions as outcast. They had the heart just like rest of us.

Disasters have stricken PNG, and as a country, we stood undivided. In the recent case of Australia Bush Fire, families, children, workers, companies, the government and individuals gave little with their heart.

During the devastating earth quake in China last year, I was moved by footage of a little girl reaching out her hand while being trapped in the rubbles of the building. It touched me and I felt the pain just like the ordinary Chinese.

We are all human beings, despite our ethnicity, province, country or religion.

Our help towards Michael is for the good cause, because we believe in Michael just like any other students that PNG’s future is in our hands.

If this country is going down, then we as students today with like minds can stand together tomorrow, putting aside our differences to uphold the 5.6 million people’s interests.

We believe that Michael, one day with a better job will not buy guns for his tribe in Magarima to kill each other in tribal fights but will vie for a peaceful Magarima.

Our aim is simple. We believe in human resource for PNG. We want to stand as a nation and work together. We want to establish networks.

We do not want to see you as a highlander and I am a Morobean, or you as a Papuan and he is from Tari.

We believe in the nature of brotherhood, and sisterhood. Side by side we can help each other with the little we have. Give to the needy and the poor, by bringing smiles to his/her face.

Michael can finish his school, get a job and face the world. But what we know for sure is that Michael’s achievement will benefit his parents, tribes, district and the country as a whole, thus, we will all benefit.

If this is the idea all Papua New Guinean have then this beautiful country will grow into prosperity, with God’s hand already on this nation.

On behalf of the PNG students who helped Michael, the writer would like to thank the Chinese Embassy in PNG and the people of China for providing us the scholarship to study in China that is enabling us to see the importance of helping Michael, our beloved countryman.

If we help and care for each other and love others and even those who hate us then I can imagine that PNG will be a Paradise on earth where our sisters, wives and mothers will walk freely on the streets.

I can imagine how wonderful it would be to see our children grow in an environment without fear.

I can imagine that one day those fences around the residential areas in big cities will be pulled down.

I recall Richard Nixon’s speech in 1974 before he resigned during the Watergate Scandal.

“…the greatness comes not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes and you are really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.”

Michael, you will reach that highest mountain tomorrow with Gods blessings.

Humbly, Michael sent an e-mail thanking all PNG students and Liza for the contribution.

“I can not say much because I am running out of words...I can hardly find a word to describe the effort, especially emailing guarantee letters to the administration and sacrificing your allowances for my education.”

You are all unique and this country, PNG needs you all for you all have the right frame of mind to move this resourceful nation forward. My heart is with you all....and God bless you all,” Michael said.

We here in China also wish Michael a successful completion of his studies, as we always do to others.


Anonymous said...


I have no further comment. The article is great !

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Yakai,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those beautiful PNG students who are studying in China for the heart they have to have helped Mchael. I am also a PNG student on scholarship here in Australia and know that it can be a struggle at times especially financially.But what you students have done has really blessed my heart and I know that the good Lord will continue to provide for all those who helped Michael. Thankyou all and God bless you all.

Rosemary Simbil
Masters in Biomedcal Sciencs James Cook University ,

Anonymous said...

Bro Mathew,

I am truly blessed and moved by this article. Honestly I am sure that every Papua New Guineans who have their eyes on this one will be touched and changed forever.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Mathew,

thanks so much for the write up of the story. I am really broken since I read the story tonight, it is really moving. I like to cry when you say that I come from the RICH southern Highlands Province. I should not face such financial crisis like that all through my studies at university but it is because of our leaders who do not care about us who are underpreviledged.

Bro, thank God that HE has used you brothers and sisters in foreign land China who sensed my problem when concerned people nearby PNG could ignore. This experience proved to us that there is something significant thing in us, especially you intellectuals...what are great leaders...you guys are heros.....

Thank God I will delight in HIM....I am rejoycing in him.

Time will tell what God has in store for us in the future.

God may bless you richly..Amen.


Gene Drekeke Iyovo said...

Truely my heart is rejoiced to help Micheal. Iam thankful to God to help him.We have not wasted our time and effort and will never regret, God will open doors for more needy. Even though we are not poor, we have been made poor by leaders....full of greed ,cheats..lies...and evil hearts that vomit out of pits of hell. Let them get rich....theirs days are numbered and their end is known Psalm 73.

Micheal has learnt a lesson that his parents and teachers have not taught him. He will be greatful to God and live the right way unto God for all time. The seed of Giving has been successfully planted the nation will reap from him.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mathew,

God has placed us in respective social levels endowed with unique talents and gifts. Some are aquired through study while some developed as an inate ability.

Not everyone knows what to do. When you identify and realise that you are unique and have been divinely endowed with special gifts and skills you will know what to do for every person that comes across you.

Bro this is where people can know really who God is and His greatness; there could be other ways by which the message can reach a heart that is longing for truth and seeking for destiny. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. We have a father who knows us by name, He understands that we are made from dust. When doors are closed its human feeling that its the end.However, God has plan B for us.

God has plans that may surprise us yet they are infinetly better then what we could have imagined.

Bro continue to write, your biro is power and its a medium to reach out to the people.

To develop a patriotic heart you must be closer to the Almighty who endows and creates a heart of loyalty. It is only Jesus that gives a loyal and loving heart.

God bless Papua New Guinea and everyone who blesses PNG in any little way they could.

God bless you Bro...Mat.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mathew

Good Afternoon!

Thank you for publishing Michael's story on the Sunday Chronicle. I have just helped someone I never knew needing such help with only K200.00 at DWU who happened to come from Tambul which is not too far away from Magarima. I am not employed but I always try to raise a bit of money to help those disadvantaged apart from my own children. It's a tough call but I do feel for them after I put myself into their shoes.

I will try and take note of Michael's case for a little contribution, please send me his email address and his account number.

Thank you for your excellent write up, and thank you our PNG leds in China.

John Kambowa

Anonymous said...

Hello John.

Greetings from a rather cold but peaceful Changchun city here in China. I am sure that you and your family have been well taken care of by our good God. One thing for sure is that God loves us and He is always with us duirng our encounters.

With the above, I would like to thank you, on behalf of the PNG students and staff in China who have contributed towards Michaels tuition fee. I am happy to receive your e-mail (below forwarded) seeking Michael's account number to help. God will bless you hundred folds. This is the assurance from the Bible as we all Christains believe in. The little you will give to help Michael will help him in the long run.

John, for those of us here in China tried in our little ways to help. And given the economic climate in PNG and you family committment, it takes a heart like yours to help. I am personally moved and I am sure Michael and others who have contributed will also be moved. I am sending the CC of this email to Michael, the student in Divince World Uni and other contributer here in China to put you in their prayers.

John, below is Michael's bank details as you have requested. His email address is mkapu@student.dwu.ac.pg Since Michael is also reading this e-mail, I would ask him (Michael) to get in touch with you personally. And of course any e-mail exchanges between you and Michael shall be CC to all of us for us to keep on praising God and have you in our prayers. Because one thing we all have in common is that we have the heart to give that is wholly driven by the Grace of God.

Bank details:

Michael D. Kapu, Acc #: 10012633383, BSP Madang Branch. (Michael, please re-confirm your account detail with John).

With this, John, I wish you and your familly good health, happy life and Godly family. Shall the blessings of God shower on you and your family.

Mathew Yakai

NB: Patriots in China, see the above e-mail from John in PNG who has the heart like ours to help Michael after reading about Michael's situation in the Sunday Chrnicle Sunday 22. God is great and I am so blessed by his gesture! God gets glory for this.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thank you tru, we are proud to see a kind heart from you. For this act, we promise you Almighty's blessing as written in the Word.
We are greateful to receive such blessings from you. Giving is something that has no law and has dimensionless joy.
Iam sure Micheal will turn someone more important than we may think in the nation PNG and people will be blessed. It is good for Micheal to experience bad for the course of good. Thank you again.
Man tru save Givim, Man tru save kisim blessing

Gene Drekeke Iyovo (Mr.)

Mobile: +86 15251529813

Anonymous said...

Dear John,

That is a great move towards feeling someones
burden. I am personal impressed and pleased to recieve an email that
was fowarded. God sees everyones heart and rewards accordingly; I believe everyone
here in China are also pleased and blessed by a reflectional move.

"There is nothing as powerful as attitude. Attitude dictates your response to the present
and determines the quality of your future. You are your attitude, and your attitude is you.
Attitude creats your world and designs your destiny." Dr. Myles Munroe"

When I come to learn that not everyone think alike and does not see things as few people see
I regret and feel so down. How can we have a place of neighbourhood and employ a sense of emphathy?
Yes it is true that we are living in an age where humanity is becoming so ego-centric and selfcentered. The Melanessian
way is good but at some places it is decaying our society. We don't have to be so tolerant but be considerate.


patriotic citizens. No man is an Island; we need to work co-orppratively to realise our dream and national goal. Its time now young PNGEANS
we have to think and bring change home. Learn as much as we could both in politics, Science and commerce and bring home the knowledge.
Let us stop pointing fingers but get into the fire and be burnt if it means to. Give your best in your field and be the best because you are the best.
Forget your self interest and let us foster the national interest of our nation; a blessed nation compared to anyother place on earth.

Let us forget about regionalism and think as PNGueans. As a nation we are one. God never made a mistake to place us all over the country; with over
870 different languages and a diversified culture and tradition. we hold some as common while some differ at a least magintude.
"God employs diversity to creat unity."

i wish to write more but time is limited.

John May God richly bless you and your family. Remember that what you do is never a waste.
Every effort made for Christ will react in blessing upon our selves. ONCE again God Bless!!

Regards, From South China, Guangzhou,

Stones Hosea (SCUT)

Anonymous said...

This is true indeed, powerful...if only everyone can think like these PNG will be place of real peace and harmony..

Lakao, Stanley (Porgera)

Anonymous said...


I just finished reading the article of PNG students in China United to help Michael Kapu and I must tell you how impressed I am of the heart you all have given to this poor person. I felt deep respect and appreciation to you all. If our society is such that we can do that to all people in our country despite cultural background this place will definitely be heaven on earth.

But I must ones more say to you all that your loving and willing heart will truly make a difference in that persons life and his posterity.

With that thank you very, very much,

Emily Gonapa

Anonymous said...


I am emailing you lately for I was away for term break and am late to read your email just tonight.

thankyou so much for everything you have done to get things moving and finally publish my article on the Sunday chronicle. Many people throughout the country read the story and were moved by it.

I also got a copy for myself and am keeping it as a life history that will remind me of the times I have been through in pursuit for my education....will never forget...I will even keep it for the rest of my life.

You're blessed, my brother...


Anonymous said...

Hello Mathew

Good Night. This is just a short update as you have requested. Not much, I have just sent to Michael K100.00 for towards his educational cost, and another K100.00 to a similar boy by the name of Brian in Port Moresby.

I am duty bound to help in a small gesture though I wish we can help out in a bigger way. As the Lord provides, I will help but within my/our means.



Anonymous said...

Thankyou Mathew and everyone,

I am more than happy and believed you're all blessed for the wonderful action you have done towards my struggle for a better future.........

For your infor..I was away for the few days and am replying your emails lately. I personally thank all of you friends in China and PNG who has sacrificed your time, resources, effort and energy to allow me complete my final year.

I believe in GOD that he will continuously bless you all for the charity work you have done for me. This is something very unusual thing we have done in PNG and has amazingly opened the stuborn hearts and minds of people in many parts of the country.

When people read the article published on the Sunday Chronicle by Mathew, they were really surprized by the story....some people felt sorry, others were happy but a good number of them learned something new in their lives.

The information has made many people change their lives and I see there is a wave of change spreading out in this country. We must be happy and praise GOD coz we have done something great for this country which is badly crippled by greed, corruption,wantoksystem,crime and so many unethical activities.

Sadly, there are many disadvantaged children who don't have the resource (money) to continue their education here in PNG. Many children coming from poor parents like myself are promising intellectuals but man made system is putting them done. It is very sad for them because they are deprived of their rights to education for the rest of their life. Is this fair and just. No. THere is no justice in PNG.

Dear patriots, few months ago, one of our comrades has pointed out a point on establishing a charity organization. I want to second that idea and hope you all have the same feelings.

Though, I have also being through many hardships and struggles, many students in PNG are worse off than anybody.

Once again, thank you all for your contribution and wishes good luck and a good health where ever you are.

May God's blessings upon you all...


Anonymous said...


Your story was really inspiring and after I read it I though it would be good if I say thank you for your well written work.

Kind regards,


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