Monday, March 02, 2009

The Beijing Grand Gathering

International Student Winter gathering in Beijing from February 3rd to 6th. Students from more then 40 countries studying in China, including foreigners working and living in China attended this Conference. "Living The Power Of Love" was the theme of the conference that involved both local and overseas pastors. Papua New Guinea's renown Evangalist Ps. Joseph Kingal was the guest speaker for the afternoon session.The writer of this blog is also in the group picture. See if you can locate him!
Papua New Guinean students studying in China with Liza Gabina, third secretary with Papua New Guinea's Beijing embassy (glass) and Ps. Joseph Kingal pose for picture after one of the evening sessions. A stranger in red is also in the group. I later found out that she is from South America.

Papua New Guinean students with Ps. Joseph Kingal in the Conference Hall in Beijing.

Ps. Joseph Kingal into a prayer before the preaching during the Beijing Conference. The shirt Ps. Kingal wearing is the flag color of Western Highlands Province. When he travels overseas, Ps. Kingal represents Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea and above all, he represents Heaven.

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Very nice shots and great to know that China is allowing such conferences to take place. All honor and glory goes to God for making such events possible to enhance His Kingdom.

God bless,