Thursday, July 30, 2009

China awards Chinese language star to PNG student

Article for "Letter from China"

By Jack Pokoe in Beijing

TWENTY-FIVE Papua New Guinean students have traveled to China on September 1, 2008 to study in various degree programs under the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Five of these students are currently studying at North China Electric Power University in Beijing.

One of these five students is Jack Pokoe who participated in the Year 2009 International students Chinese Speaking Competition which was held in Beijing. He was awarded Chinese Language Star by Beijing Chinese Education Network (BCEN).

Jack Pokoe is from beautiful Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and currently studying Chinese language at North China Electric Power University, Changping District in Beijing for a Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering.

He presented his Chinese play with three of his Chinese Language course mates at Beijing Language and Culture University (BCLU) on April 19, 2009 and successfully reached the final competition.

The three course mates are from Antigua and Barbuda, Zimbabwe and Burundi respectively.

Other PNG students include Joel Hip, Joshua Oki and Charles Eto from Southern Highlands Province, each studying for a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Computer Science and Technology and International Trade and Economics with Helen Baki were excluded in the competition.

Helen Baki is from West New Britain Province, who is studying for a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science.

From April 18 to 19, 2009, Beijing Education Committee officially held the first Year 2009 International Students Chinese Speaking Competition in the main entrance language building of Beijing Language and Culture University, which saw 25 universities among a total of more than 32 universities in Beijing.

North China Electric Power University was selected with nearly 160 foreign students in Chinese programs around China to compete for the preliminary competition.

The foreign students who competed in the first competition included students from South Africa, North America, Russia, Sudan, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Pacific Islands and others.

The number of the pre-selected participants was over 160 foreign students, who were assessed continuously from morning until afternoon during these two days.

The assessment and selection was made along a combined judging panel of senior representatives from Beijing Education Committee (BEC) in conjunction with Beijing Chinese Education Network.

BEC made the selection and 60 contestants were qualified to enter the preliminary final, among whom Jack Pokoe and his three play language course mates, namely Dashier, Joseph and Daniela had been successfully promoted to the preliminary final because of his well-performed, historic and famous Chinese play titled “San Gu Maolu”, which in Chinese language means “Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage”.

This famous Chinese play is about a knowledgeable and talented man called Zhuge Liang, who had been heard of and searched three times by a person called Liu Bei.

In the third century, China was divided into three kingdoms: Wei in the north, Shu in the southwest and Wu in the southeast.

Shu was a weak state. The head of Shu, Liu Bei, was searching for talents everywhere for the kingdom. He heard of a very wise and knowledgeable man called Zhuge Liang who lived in Longzhong in Hubei province.

So Liu decided to invite him to be his prime minister to help strengthen the State of Shu.

In the year 207AD, Liu Bei with his sworn brother Zhang Fei traveled to Longzhong to ask Zhuge Liang to assist him. But Zhuge was not at home. Thus they had to return disappointedly.

Later, they came again. But again they failed to see Zhuge, because he had been wandering about for days and hadn't yet come back. This time, Liu Bei left a note expressing his meaning.

Some days passed, Liu wanted to make a third visit. Guan and Zhang wanted to stop him, but in vain.

This time, Zhuge Liang was at home but he was sleeping. Liu let Guan and Zhang stand at the door, and he stood by the bed.

When Zhuge woke up and saw him, he was moved by his sincerity. He complied with Liu's request and became his prime minister. With the help of Zhuge, Liu enlarged his territory and his kingdom became as strong as the Wu and Shu.

Later, people use it to describe people who invite someone in all sincerity and eagerness.

Beijing Chinese Education Network formally reported Jack on-line as the screenwriter and director of “Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage”, which now remains popular among the universities which participated in this multi competition, including BEC and BCEN.

BCEN owns a website which reports national and international educational events that occur in China.

This website, reported “Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage”. Representing PNG as a whole, Jack has newly shown the potential that PNG students posses the knowledge to learn and study in Chinese language.

He has taken the initiative to write the play in Chinese language and performed the play together with three other foreign students.

In the ancient Chinese costume, this play was performed more expressively by the four students that BEC and BCEN promoted “Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage” to enter the preliminary final.

The spoken language and imitation of the natural Chinese speech was more expressive that the play was outstanding and talented among the other Chinese programs performance.

The preliminary final was held from April 25 to 26, 2009. The two preliminary contest dates opened officially with 60 programs, and this preliminary final was held in the Yifu Building of BLCU.

It was nit-picking for the appraisal committees to make the selections. The selections consisted of award selection at two different levels and selection to perform in the grand final events.

The strength of the preliminary contests was more intense, certainly could equal in strength like having several hundred programs performing.

The competition officially opened at 1:00 pm with splendid performance and earnest and charming question, and answer from each individual contestant.

The contestant’s Chinese speech let the audience held in straight high esteem, exclaimed that if one listened to the sound merely, perhaps it is difficult to imagine these are foreigner’s Chinese performance! The end already had aimed now by 8:00 pm.

The four contestants from North China Electric Power University have only studied for six months wore the Chinese ancient costume’s long gown sleeve played back ancient Chinese history.

The entire audience high tide and the applause were unceasing with the on-going performance.

The performance was so splendid because of the ancient talent showed by Jack and his three other play course mates. The other 59 programs unfolded but this talented performance resulted in the passing of the preliminary competition on April 26, 2009.

Under the international educational exchange centre leader’s management, passes through the screening were compared and a total of 26 programs were selected for the final competition.

The final objective and fairness elected most to have representative and Chinese art power final programs.

On May 22, 2009 a total of 26 programs were listed, however, only 16 programs were performed, including “Three Calls at the Cottage”.

The other 20 programs were listed for awards. The 16 programs were performed again at the main entrance building of BLCU but “Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage” was performed at Beijing Television (BTV) Station.

The contestants received awards as Year 2009 Chinese Language Stars but were categorized accordingly.

“Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage” was the only unique Chinese play among the other programs, of which the four contestants were specially awarded Year 2009 Chinese Language Stars.

Jack Pokoe was particularly awarded Year 2009 Chinese Language Star by BCEN as ‘Hanzi Zhixing’, which means “the Star of Chinese Characters”.

Note: Jack Pokoe is a PNG student at North China Electric Power University in Beijing. This column, “Letter from China” provides a forum for PNG students and workers in China to share their experience. Contact Mathew Yakai on for inquiries and further information.


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