Monday, November 17, 2008

Me and Manhzoo from Pakistan during my exhibition on Papua New Guinea at Jilin University, China on 15th Nov, 2008. Manzhoo is a PhD student in International Relations. I am playing guiter singing a traditional song.

Me and Pakistani friends during the exhibition. I am holding a Tolai basket.

Me and a Pakistani friend

There we are, rock it!. I am singing a traditional song with my guiter with a Pakistani friend at the back for a picture. The background is the PNG flag with the Beijing Olympic flag. I chose the Olympic flag instead of China's flag because Beijing Olympic was successful despite natural disasters faced by China. The Olympic had also made China to be responsible in both regional and international issues where Papua New Guinea stands to benefit. I did the exhibition and God knows, I do not want to boast but mine was the unique and the best. I posed with many people for pictures. As long as I love my country, I will do anything to promote how unique Papua New Guinea is. Yes, one can take me out of Papua New Guinea but they can not take Papua New Guinea out from me.