Thursday, August 28, 2008

Writers note: I first met Ipul Powaseu in Fiji in 1999 with dauthers Martha, Dorothy and son Sandy. On Thursday 28, 2008 she sent me a suprising email, applauding me for my regular column in the Sunday Chronicle, PNG. Below is the email she sent.

Dear Matthew,

It’s good afternoon to you and long time no hear.

I often enjoy reading your column in the Chronicles. By the way, I am here in Port Moresby with the girls (Martha is at Medical School and Dorothy is doing Law at UPNG (both second year). Sandy is doing his year 12 and would like to follow a career in Economics or Business.

I had been just reading the Chronicles and I enjoy reading your column. It is interesting to note your commentaries on China’s perspective in the Pacific. But one thing keeps making me wonder is the perception of Asian marketing of cheap products in the Pacific. I would like to read your opinion on this issue.

And if you return to PNG do drop in and say hi. I am currently working here at the National Research Institute as the Executive Officer.

With all our love.

Ms Ipul Powaseu

Note: Ipul, the so called cheap China's cheap product is an interesting issue. The cheap product issue had a diplomatic stand-off between Washinon and Beijing on Chinese made ‘toys" and also between Beijing and Tokyo on "dumbling". In PNG, we had our problem with the "tooth paste", and many others. But one thing I must emphasise is that everything I eat, wear, and use now is Chinese made, very cheap and of good quality. All start from food, clothes, laptop, mobile phone, MP3, digital camera, beer, transport etc. If I have a choice to choose between expensive and cheap products then I would go for Chinese products - not because they are cheap but of good quality. One must come to China to experience what I say. I will definitely work on an article on that. xiexie nin!