Thursday, August 28, 2008

Note: Jeffery in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea sent me an email on Friday 29th August, 2008 (below) after accessing my blog.

Hi guy from Tambul Ice Block,

Have visited your website and found out that your articles are fascinating. To write such it needs a lot time and effort. Haven’t come across to such articles from any of the previous students who have studied there. For sure, you are unique person among all those formers and just a brilliant.

Can see that you still have potential left in tank to create a book about CHINA. Please post anything related to China’s Development Life Style.

Keep on writing

All the best in your studies

Crowne Plaza Port Moresby

Note: Jeffery, I promise you and rest of my loyal readers that I will write on issues between China and PNG, including other Pacific island countries. This, I believe will facilitate common understanding between Beijing and Port Moresby with rest of the island countries. Thank you