Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PNG is not starving: Sir Somare

Sir Michael in Beijing recently. Picture by Albert Tobby, Beijing

GRAND Chief Sir Michael T. Somare, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea had a difficult time trying to explain to an Australian journalist and tax payers that his country, Papua New Guinea is not starving of hunger.

But the journalist’s question depicts his ignorance on Papua New Guinea. Possibly, it’s the overall reflection of Australia media and Australians.

“I have got a question for Mr Somare. As a witness to your country’s poverty, I know that there are children starving, scavenging the streets for food, living out of cardboard boxes. Can you guarantee Australians that every cent of their 0 million is going where it needs to? And Mr Rudd are you 100 per cent satisfied that 0 million is being well spent and that Papua New Guinea is fulfilling its role under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals?”, the journalist asked during the press conference.

Unfortunately, he did not address Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister as Sir or Grand Chief but Mr.

Well, Sir Michael reiterated that his people have the land to depend on, if there is no cash to spend.

But unfortunately, he did not convince the Australian tax payers as to how their aid dollars sent to Papua New Guinea as aid has been spent.

Read more and other joint comments on the future bilateral relationship between the two countries and the issue on Fiji with his Australian counterpart, Kevin Rudd on:

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